Miguel Seoane achieves the third Spanish victory in a row in the HRC Bounty Builder HR

By Ucatchers

Toneecho ?? was made with a $ 26k prize. Adrián Mateos and Juan Pardo also played on PS.

Miguel Seoane [Foto: Winamax]

Miguel Seoane [Foto: Winamax]

The Tuesday he won it “But I am”. The Wednesday, “que_te_crio”. Y Yesterday it was the turn of “Toneecho ??”.

Miguel Seoane was imposed yesterday in the “Spanish tournament“, the High Roller Club: $ 530 Bounty Builder HR [8-Max, PKO], $ 100k Gtd. from PokerStars .com. Playing from his British residence, he won a total prize pool (bounties included) of $ 26,708.02, after defeating Canadian “Shermdog50” ($ 15,075.08) in the HU. The tournament had a field of 227 entries (173 unique players) and a $ 113,500 pot. Adrian Mateos He also reached the final table, but finished 8th, earning a pay of $ 2,531.75.

Miguel Seoane win in the HRC Bounty Builder HR on PokerStars.com

On the other hand, Juan Pardo “Malaka $ tyle” placed 5th ($ 3,350.53) in the HRC: $ 1.05k Thursday Thrill [8-Max, PKO], $ 70k Gtd. And right after him, 6th, this tournament concluded “Amadi_017“($ 5,572.30).

We will be pending. We still have the fourth Spanish victory in a row tonight …

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