Mid-Season Cup: Gambling Tips

By Ucatchers

We are going to talk about the best way to bet on the Mid-Season Cup that kicks off on May 28. In this article we are going to discuss which teams we should take into account for this tournament and where we could take advantage of betting and where not.

The favorite teams for this tournament are the winners from their respective region. T1 by LCK and JDG by LPL. But these teams are not the only teams to consider, they are the favorites. It is clear that they will be the strongest or the strongest, if not, they would not have won in their regional league.

If we talk about regions, we believe that the LPL should be higher compared to the LCK. In general their players are better and the same happens with the teams. The LPL has prevailed over the LCK in recent years, in fact the dominance of this region has dropped considerably.

Other teams to consider apart from the winners of each region, will be Top Esports, FunPlus Phoenix (LPL) and Gen.G (LCK). We believe that these are the teams that could “surprise” and are rivals to consider.

The weakest opponent we see in this tournament is DAMWON (LCK), we believe that this team is the one with the worst form. Invictus Gaming is another of the teams that could be considered the weakest, but they have had a long time to prepare and unlike DAMWON they may have improved in this time.

If we talk about teams that can give a higher level in the Mid-Season Cup, than shown in the league, we should talk about FunPlus Phoenix and Gen.G. Both are teams with enough level to win this tournament, with a good preparation or at a good time, they could give a higher level than shown. They are teams that must be observed closely in the first matches, to see if what we say is true.

Participants of the Mid-Season Cup

There are markets to bet on the Mid-Season Cup in which we see that things of more value can be taken. These markets they are, the over / under of total kills and the handicaps of kills. Why? The LCK has a reputation for averaging less kills and this is something that bookies take too much into account. This last split, this has not been fulfilled in South Korea and it has been a slightly more normal region in terms of average deaths per game. On the other hand, the kills handicap for us is more valuable, because currently the goal is a lot of snowball, so a team that we think is superior, if it wins and does not come back, it should solve this more easily.

We believe that the aforementioned will be fulfilled, especially in DAMWON matches, since it is a team that fights everything and this will favor the over and as we are a team that we believe is less prepared, the small handicaps should also come out. Invictus is also a team that will average quite a few kills since it is another of the teams that fights everything.

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