Mentality, the great enemy of DRX

By Ucatchers

Someone once said that we set the limits ourselves. How right was the person who said such words. The world is full of different human beings, from those who drown in a glass of water to those who say that they do not believe that the sky is the limit when it is known that there are footprints on the moon. And it is our own mentality which on many occasions allows us to reach unsuspected places, as well as leaving us stagnant and sunk in the deepest abyss, something that currently happens with the whole of XRD.

This happens in many scenarios of our day to day, from any daily action that we do not dare to perform, to a professional athlete who is afraid to face a team, either through past encounters or a player with whom they have to compete. Of course, electronic sports They are not far behind, since one of the main scourges that players have to deal with every day is their own brain.

The already known mental block

Deft after the loss to DAMWON Gaming in the quarterfinals. Image via: LoLEsports

Players are not machines, although on many occasions there is a global thought that tries to confirm it. It’s not like we’re talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, an emotionless robot who try to reach any goal have whoever is ahead. Quite the opposite. Staff members themselves have their own good and bad days, as well as little obsessions with some teams and rivals.

Here we find the aforementioned example of DRX during this 2020 season. The boys trained by Kim Dae-ho «cvMax»Have lost eight consecutive times in front of the set of DAMWON Gaming this year. DRX’s last win against current League of Legends Champions Korea was in their first confrontation in summer. Since then, they have been two consecutive losses in regular season, three in the finals of the top Korean competition and another three in the quarterfinals of the 2020 World Championship.

But we don’t have to go to Asia to talk about this fact. In our own home, in the League of Legends European Championship something similar happens. From the Rasmus Winther «Caps» march to G2 Esports, The team of Fnatic he has not known how to find himself. Moreover, in the series al best of five, they have only managed to win the one that led to the final in summer 2020. And we already know how the story ended: 3-0 for the boys of Carlos Rodríguez «Ocelote» and again a mental block for which they have not yet found a remedy.

Time, your best ally

Although this so-called blocking can be frustrating, there are solutions to put full stop to the aforementioned barrier cerebral. The cure, like when a couple separates or someone we love stops being with us, it’s called time. It is true that to this we must add a preparation, as well as a previous training, but time is the best ally for any human being.

Rekkles and Uzi. Image via: LoLEsports

One of the clearest examples is that of Martin Larsson «Rekkles». The Fnatic shooter always had a flaw when facing the retired Jian Zi-Hao «Uzi». When it came to going head-to-head, the Swede showed signs of nervousness that prevented him from unfolding his full potential. However, the past World Championship 2019 it was completely different for Rekkles. Although he lost the first game in the group stage against the former player of Royal Never Give Up, his performance reflected that he had left his ghosts behind. That was when he got beat the chinese team and, above all, to Uzi, in the key game that would give them the go to the quarterfinals.

And it is that any person needs time to overcome the adversities that lie ahead. Not everyone is born with a star that allows them to overcome any type of obstacle. Although, apart from those necessary days or months, I also it is necessary to lean on the shoulders of the people around us, either in relatives or in the own companions with whom you spend hundreds of hours.

Group change, individual thinking

Once the players themselves realize that the mental block exists, it is time to propose the possible solution. In the case of League of Legends, a team game in which, although individual figures matter, the rapport needs to be maximum for the gears to function properly.

Sometimes the most feasible solution is move the players themselves, as we did when we were younger when we spent our hours with Pokémon. Who didn’t hurt to leave out the Charizard that the game was started with by a powerful Moltres? In this case the same thing happens. The Fnatic team did the same, letting Mads Brock-Pedersen out “Broxah” to include Oskar Boderek “Selfmade”. After all, the Pole was someone who had not suffered the mental block against the guys from G2 Esports.

Deft and Pyosik, DRX players. Image via: LoLEsports

By last, the players themselves must step forward and know where your own limitations are. As Numb from Linkin Park says, they have to find themselves and not pretend to be like their rivals. A person is how they are, not how they want them to be. In this way, at the moment when the same player is comfortable with his person and with the companions that surround him, you may go much further than if you force yourself into an out-of-comfort zone.

In the case of DRX, they have to analyze the point that fails within the template and give it a touch of fresh air. Renew to die. Finish with DAMWON Gaming It is not an impossible challenge, but the path you have taken does not lead to any destination. For now, they only have rest, analyze themselves Y forget about the ghosts of the past. The world of the mind is wonderful as well as complex. Thanks to her, the guys from DRX they will be able to achieve goals that they never imagined or, if they continue on that path, to drown in the deepest of misfortunes.

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