McDelivery and GGang: here are the 5 young gamers selected

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Streamer and coach Sypher has selected the five young gamers who will join the team created by McDonald’s and Machete Gaming.

McDelivery GGang lineup finally revealed, the esports team born from the collaboration between McDonald’s, in particular through the McDelivery service, and Machete Gaming, a reality that seeks to unite the world of music with that of esports, two sectors that very often share the same public. An all-female team, born from the iron will to support the female category and to enhance their competitive skills and aspirations in a world, that of esports, still too tied to the male imagination in a way, let’s face it, wrong. According to the data of the report “Videogames in Italy in 2020”, in fact, published by IIDEA (Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association), there is a 44% of female gamers in Italy.

After the registrations and the first selections, Manuelito “Hell Raton” live on Twitch revealed the five players who will be part of the team, selected from pro-player Sypher, already within the Machete Gaming team. The five talented new entries are Aelita, MadMorona, Girl Bong Theory, xKumiho and panniR, who have now officially joined the McDelivery GGang team. In particular MadMorona (Anais Fabriani), xKumiho (Roberta Marceddu) and Aelita (Roberta Bertini), will be engaged on Apex Legends, while Girl Bong Theory (Samantha Polizotto) and PanniR (Mariasole Panni) will showcase their skills on Call of Duty . Furthermore, for all of them, a rich calendar of appointments, talks, gameplay and community events in which to talk and discuss with the most esteemed characters in the gaming world is expected.

But who are the five gamers?

Roberta Bertini, 19, aka Aelita, began to approach the world of video games at just three years old thanks to her father who, a gamer in turn, passed on to her the passion for this world. He has always loved FPS games and started competing at a competitive level with Apex Legends. Joining this team is an important opportunity for her to test herself, competing with level opponents and to improve herself as a player, relying on the support of experts such as Machete Gaming.

MadMorona, aka Anais Fabriani is 29 years old and comes from Latina, province of Rome. He started playing at the age of 13, when he got his first PC and hasn’t stopped since. She has participated in various competitions and tournaments, mostly presenting herself as SoloQ, a real shame, according to her: for her, in fact, team play represents a great opportunity for growth both personally and as a player. Joining McDelivery GGang is therefore the first step to improve.

Samantha Polizotto, from Capo d’Orlando, Messina, is 24 years old and is known as Girl Bong Theory. For two years he has been dedicated to streaming on Twitch where he interfaces with his community. Lover of video games since childhood, in 2012 she discovered COD and from that moment her passion for this genre of games broke out, for which she spent herself at competitive levels in different teams. McDelivery GGang is for her the path that will allow her to play at high levels and at the same time demonstrate that even women’s teams can go far in this sector.

Roberta Figus Marceddu comes from the province of Cuneo and calls herself xKumiho. She has been playing video games since she was 5 years old, a passion that has never abandoned her, not even now that she is 26. For her, Machete Gaming is a reality that tells and makes known what is positive in this sector, a meeting place, which is good for those who participate. An educational place, of healthy competition, where everyone is on the same level. What makes the difference is only the talent and a female team is an opportunity to demonstrate this by breaking down any prejudices.

Mariasole Panni is 26 years old, she comes from Rome and in the gaming world she is known as panniR. She became passionate about video games as a child, later showing an interest in FPS games. Not surprisingly, it is precisely with COD that he ventures into the competitive world; a reality that he describes as not simple especially for women. He fought prejudices with his career as a streamer, making his way into the industry, in the belief that passion, perseverance and commitment always pay off. McDelivery GGang is an opportunity for her to continue her battle and test her skills with high-level gamers.

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