Matchday 6 Liga Nexo: The first round of emotion

By Ucatchers

The Matchday 6 of the Nexo League It took place yesterday April 20 and was the penultimate before the arrival of the second round. At this point in the competition all the matches are interesting, and yesterday that was very clear.

The table is still very tight because it seems that no team is able to distance itself from the rest, a fact that is making 90% of the games very difficult to predict the result. Let’s see what happened yesterday.

Astralis Stormbringers vs. Dead Rabbits: The draft sometimes DOES win games

The Matchday 6 of the Nexo League with one of the great games of the day. In this one faced one of the leaders of the classification, Astralis, against one of the pursuers, Dead Rabbits.

Got Marhoder a draft that according to all experts was perfect to face the short range of those from the Burrow, since the pick of Anivia and that of Jinx accompanied by the rest of the characters, it allowed them to play calmly and prevent the rabbits from playing any fight.

Despite said draft, it seemed that the LEC team academy was going to succumb, as Raedz Y Blink They started the game very well, putting themselves way ahead. It was not enough then Astralis he managed to lengthen the game and overcome a difference of 9 kills on the gold scoreboard.

Ended up showing Astralis that even playing badly they can win games, a quality that is often given to champion teams and that allows those of Raziel finish solo leaders thanks to the results of the Conference.

S2V Academy against Abyssal EC: Abyssal still does not know the victory in Day 6 of the Nexo League

The second game of the day yesterday presented us with a very interesting duel for the part below the classification, in which Abyssal it was a gamble not to stay off the hook in last position.

Those at the bottom of the sea had been warning for weeks that changes were coming and they ended up confirming them after the game in which it was the last of byeshooter and Keeper, jungle, unable to achieve victory. Despite the needs S2V was imposed in a simple way in which Abyssal had to play with Yogurt, the jungle substitute, support and with the coach of the academy due to problems of Orthran and EscoX.

Drafteo confort the team of S2V with a Fiddlesticks in the jungle to Ibai, which he was more comfortable than in previous games and was able, together with the Pantheon from Toyejo, pull the academy bandwagon guaranteeing his team’s second victory of the season.

After this defeat Abyssal is two games away from S2V sinking a little more in the classification and leaving the team in a difficult situation, which will have to come out of the well with their new signings, we will see if they succeed.

Arena Quesito against Movistar Riders: Movistar Riders choked on cheese

Viewing previous results Movistar Riders He was planted in his match on Day 6 of the Nexo League, having to win in order to continue being the leader tied with Astralis. The academy of Team Queso he wanted to end his losing streak and stay in the fight for Playoffs.

After the draft, one thing was very clear, and that is that it was not going to be an easy game for Legolas, the shooter Movistar Riders, because the elections of Quesito Arena they made to play Jinx It would be a great challenge for the adc.

Expectations were met after the draft and Legolas could not play the game, the Nocturnal top accompanied by him Hecarim and the other picks of the composition made life impossible for the boys of ZeroTempo assuming the victory of those of Alvaro845.

Different consequences

Thanks to this victory Quesito Arena he is reunited with victory after three days in a row losing, a fact that will serve as motivation as he admitted Gaax, the support, in the post-match interview, in which he also admitted that the defeats had served as a reality check for them to face the rest of the season.

On the other side the academy of the riders he lost again, reminding us that they are a team with ups and downs that will have to work on consistency to be able to fight for the first place in the classification and not end up being a team that cannot fight against Astralis StormBringers.

Kawaii Kiwis against QLASH Spain: War of decaffeinated campaigns

As the last meeting in this matchday 6 of the Nexo League we had a campaign game. #ProRata, last season’s campaign, you could see the faces against #ProPol, the campaign of the season of this year and that was causing that to speak.

Despite the hype with which this meeting was coming, it was cut quite quickly as the drafts anticipated a long game with little action, since they pickeados Senna and Kog’maw the teams respectively, making the game unattractive to the neutral spectator.

A game with little emotion

The game had little secret and there was not much to talk about since Indr4, with its mythical Udyr At this point, he again took advantage of the inexperience of Hyog4, which had to replace Bruski that was low, to end up taking 6 levels at the end of the game.

The boys of DarthYellow they once again dominated a QLASH That little could be done, since they did not propose anything and let the game pass, seeing themselves drowned by the Kiwis they were given no choice.

After this victory Kawaii Kiwis He continues to climb the rankings, reaffirming himself as one of the candidates to win the league and qualify for promotion. On the other hand QLASH still not quite convincing, missing his titular jungle Bruski.

After all afternoon of # LigaNexo6, this is how the classification remains until next week. @ AstralisSB begins to move away in the first position, the fight to be in the playoffs is super tight.

Wish that it arrives next Tuesday 🤭

– Storm Circuit (@SomosLaTormenta) April 20, 2021

Thus ended the Matchday 6 of the Nexo League, a day that was again decanted for one side of the map, and is that contrary to what happened on the previous day that all the red side won, this one has won all the blue side, something that draws significantly attention.

We won’t have to wait long for the last day of the first round of the Nexo League, as it will take place next Tuesday, April 27 at 18:00 on the Storm Circuit twitch channel

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