manuverd0n saw a huge lead vanish in the HU of’s WCOOP-08-H

By Ucatchers

The first triumph in the most traditional festival of online poker was very close to arriving. The Canadian ilir3 made an unexpected comeback and took the tournament.

Bardón had it close (Pokerstars)

Bardón had it close (Pokerstars)

The World Championship of Online Poker from is off to a roaring start for the Hispanic rail. In just two days of competition, and with nine events completed at the High level -only six at NLHE-, La Roja has now three final tables.

The WCCOP debut was spectacular for Javier Fernández “que_te_crio”, who simultaneously held two final tables on Monday night. This morning was added a third, that of Manuel Bardón “manuverd0n” in the WCOOP-08-H Freezeout $ 1,050.

Day 2 of the tournament was restricted to only 38 of the 314 registered, and Manu was 6th of the provisional.

Bardón did more than just keep his place in the FT. Despite the fact that the tournament became quite complicated when the table was reduced without the Russian high stakes player falling “Crazylissy“nor the boss of the MTTs”Lena900“Manu overcame all obstacles to take a heads-up advantage against the Canadian flag player” ilir3 “.

The tournament got very close, with the American forced to look for several doubles to come back. Unfortunately, “ilir3” found the plays to do it, and Bardón had to settle for it. second place (2nd, 44..314 $)

Worse had it Luis Rodríguez “Turko_man” on day 2 of WCOOP-06-H PKO 6-Max 530 $ . The group of applicants was larger, 51 survivors out of 1,499 participants, and their starting position was anything but comfortable, 44th.

The Finnish-based Galician made arrests to fight for the final table, but was eliminated in 11th place.

The small amount of accumulated bounties speaks of Luis’s patience, which was rewarded with nine buy-ins (11th, $ 4,563).

The list of WCOOP 2020 champions had some high-level additions yesterday. Norwegian Tobias Lenknes became the seventh player to reach the fourth WCOOP title, building on his superiority over the 2-7 NL Single Draw WCOOP-09-L middle field.

Ankush Mandavia obtained its third triumph in the historic World Championship in one of the strangest formats of the festival, the WCOOP-12, a Zoom tournament in which there was no prize list, only progressive bountys, an invention known as Progressive Total KO.

The High event winners we met yesterday were these.

  • WCOOP-06-H 6-Max PKO 530 $: “Soulread93” (1,499 players, $ 87,417).
  • WCOOP-07-H PLO8 6-Max 2,100 $: “Juicy_J_93“(109 players, 50,910 $$).
  • WCOOP-08-H 8-Max Freezeout $ 1,050: “ilir3“(314 players, $ 59,071).
  • WCOOP-09-H NL 2-7 Single Draw $ 1,050: Yuri Martins “theNERDguy” (74 players, $ 21,937).
  • WCOOP-12-H Progressive Total KO Zoom 530 $: Ankush Mandavia “pistons87” (526 players, $ 40,793).

The recommendations for the rail today do not focus on the Spanish players. We do not have any on the 2 days that are played this afternoon, which are quite limited.

There are only two events, one of them dedicated to Limit Hold’em. The other is the replacement for Super Tuesday, turned into a Mid-level tournament for the WCOOP. In its High version, this event is a $ 10,300 High Roller, which can be very interesting to follow on the Pokerstars Twitch channel given the level of its 11 survivors and the $ 238K awaiting owner.

Remember that in our country the Galactic Series are at the top Don’t have an account in PokerStars? Create one and you will have € 10 free to test the room.

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