Manu Bardón joins the success of Juan Pardo and Adrián Mateos in the .com

By Ucatchers

Our High Rollers don’t think to stop spinning now that they have found the rhythm, and Manu Bardón has known how to choose the right wheel.

High Roller Clubs are our thing (PokerIndPro)

High Roller Clubs are our thing (PokerIndPro)

It feels wonderful to chain two pieces of news so followed by punctures from exiled players in the “.com” rooms,

Juan Pardo and Adrián Mateos They have gotten on a train that for now has not had to stop at any station, and they have added two consecutive days with great results.

Better Juan, what has maintained the winning streak at GGPoker with a win at the High Rollers Blade Mulligan $ 5k; yes, taking advantage of the reluctance of the regs to take the field beyond the 22 registrations.

In the usual vein, $ 57,475 The final prize were protected by an elite corps, this time made up of Pascal Hartmann and Steve O’Dwyer.

The bubble that Amadi ate was perhaps the signal to move the booth to the other end of the fair, in this case Pokerstars.

Super Tuesday is not what it was, but a podium in the classic is always a reason for honors and congratulations.

In 2020, Super Tuesday handles fields like this, with 49 players. What has not changed is the profile of the winners. The Viennese truope prevailed over the London one, and the Latvian Guntis Alenskins and the Austrian Hannes Speiser relegated to Adrián to the third final position. after agreement (3rd, $ 12,418 *).

The High Rollers duo was joined yesterday “manuverd0n“Another well-known pro who has to look for chestnuts in slightly less restrictive buy-ins, so his success should come before a little more nourished fields.

Just one of the 238 HRC participants: Bounty Builder $ 530 he was able to defeat Manu, who had already secured the top prize for going heads-up at a PKO. In the bounties cast, Bardón brought a good mattress, so the defeat did not taste so bitter (2nd, $ 15,880).

Now is not the time to stop. And if someone else wants to join, then welcome.

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