Malaka appeared with changed timing at the GGSF Super Million $ table (5th, $ 207,208)

By Ucatchers

At a table of five, Juan went from being a featured chipleader to being eliminated after two bluffs that ran into strong hands.

GGSF Super Million $

GGSF Super Million $

Premiere day at the GGPoker Super Million $.

The episode 43 It was the first to be part of a spring festival – it is not yet one year old – and it has also been the first to be broadcast in Spanish.

The gala launch of the SM $ edition in our language included the recent signing of the room, Pamela Balzano “Pamsi” and with Irene Albarrán “Frogy16”, who has a very close knowledge of the game of Juan Pardo, the great star of this final table.

“Malakastyle” was the protagonist of this FT for the good and the not so good. Juan was able to take command of the game from fourth provisional position, but ended up losing a spot in the final rankings, after two crossed hands at a time when blind raises and ICM encouraged stack abuse, but that also required the best timing.

Juan started fourth, but in front of him nobody was too scary. The only one with previous experience in the program was the Brazilian Pedro Garagnani, one of the nine players who released the lights in the first SM $ of all. The chipleader “LevMeAlone“and the anonymous”Foot foot“They were never seen in a similar one, although the first one has a WSOP bracelet won in the room last summer.

From behind, the threat was much greater. The current champion of the WSOP Main Event was waiting crouched there Damien Salas and the Austrian grinder expert Christian Rudolph “WATnlos”. Andrea Dato He had the handicap of inexperience in the tournament and in this particular structure, and what was failing Alaksei Boika was the stack.

Juan had a comfortable start to the game, all it took was patience and a couple of favorable flops to collect the chips needed to challenge an active Garagnani for the lead.

The man from Malaga was wise to steal a split pot that gave him the lead and, from there, he changed gears. He made adjustments to the aperture ranges and postflop as well, now that he had the table studied and all the pros used to dealing with complicated ICMs were gone.

The risk did not pay off, as Juan invested his stack in two bluffs that were not profitable. One supported by the third diamond of a community that gave color to his rival and another in a limp-push in a blind war blocking an ace in which he ended up dominated. With what we’ve seen so far, the readings seemed good; the rivals folded with joy and played wide ranges in beats, but the timing failed us.

LevmeAlone and Garignani, who were the ones who divided the stack of the Spanish, knew how to close the way to heads-up to the other two players who survived Juan.

The North American won the South American with a remarkable work of attrition, without giving the option of a flip that would get his rival into the game.

  1. LevMeAlone $ 586,075
  2. Pedro Garignani $ 451,925
  3. ILUCKuHARD $ 348,482
  4. FootFoot $ 268,716
  5. Juan Pardo $ 207,208
  6. Christian Rudolph $ 159,779
  7. Damian Salas $ 123,207
  8. Andrea Dato $ 95,006
  9. Aliaksei Boika $ 73,259

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