Loyalty Bonus

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Greeting, Wincatchers’ readers. Welcome to our online casino section where we give you lots of information to help you to enjoy your gambling adventure. In this opportunity we are going to refer to the loyalty bonus, a special prize offered by the casinos to its regular players as a way of motivating them to continue playing.

As you can imagine, regular online casino bonuses, special promotions and also an attractive loyalty bonus are esential aspects to take into account when you have to decide how to choose an online casino, so it’s important for you to consider them.

Loyalty Bonus

In the past, only the most important casinos of the world offered VIP programs and loyalty bonus to attract players and to inveite them to stay and keep playing. Nowadays, with the raise of the gambling market, almost all of them offered some kind of loyalty programs with different benefits.

In general, any player can take part in this exclusive club.  There are, however, some online casinos in which you need an invitation if you want to be a VIP player. Once you are a VIP player, the casino asigns you a status level, such as platine, gold, silver, etc. It all depends on every gambling platform. The better the level, the better the benefits.

How a Loyalty Bonus Work

To start with, you should know that a loyalty bonus can reward for multiple actions and not only one. For example, you can get it by making deposits or wagering on sports and casino games. Thus, you can find different types of these rewards, but the most common coverts points into real money. You need to read the requirements to meet first in the platform.

You can also see that some online casinos offer a greater advantage with rewards and you can have more chances of winning more money, as a consequence. For example, some gambling platforms may provide Loyalty Bonus rewards without any limitations or terms and conditions for a limited time. That always depends on the casino.

What is more, there are some casinos that also provide a shop for players to purchase various items, such as free spins or free bets amongst others. In this case, you usually make use of points to buy those benefits. It’s time for you to explore the different options.

Earning Points

Even though some loyalty bonuses focus in free funds and the chance to convert the in cash when you need and extra, others rewards allo player to combine the benefit with the VIP program, so you have the chance to earn point as well and increase your porcetage of points to earn according to your VIP level.

Types of Loyalty Programs

The basic loyalty bonus consists in the conversion of those points into available credit, that is to say, a cashback. However, you can get other interesting benefits to consider. Let’s see a list including some of them.

  • travel sweepstakes
  • tickets for sport and cultural
  • exclusive gifts
  • guided visits to the best casinos
  • higher limits on withdrawals
  • lower bet requirements
  • acess to exclusive tournaments

As you see, there is no reason for you to avoid being part of the loyalty bonus program as you can get only benefits. However, you should explore the different option of the online gambling platforms to choose the one that gives you most benefits.

And more important, do not fall into tempation to play only to get extra benefits. A loyalty program gives you a lot of benefits, but it can be tricky if you are not careful. We recommend you to read all the info we provide to become a professional player.

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