Lowel after winning First Strike: “The attitude and intensity of the team have been the keys”

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FullEsports - Lowel after winning First Strike:

Team Heretics It was the great surprise of the first great Valorant tournament at European level. Lowel’s team has won First Strike, beating teams with much more footage than heretics.. After the final we were able to talk with Lowel about the keys to taking this First Strike home with so little travel in Valorant.

Lowel, who was as happy as he was exhausted, had a few minutes to answer some questions for FullEsports. There is something that transcends his own words, Lowel is confident that this will only go further with a blind trust in his teammates that have made him a First Strike champion..

Lowel, first of all congratulations and I wanted to start by asking you: How are you after a hectic weekend and being First Strike champions?

I’m super happy. Now I am speechless. I’m super tired, we are champions.

We talked when the team was formed and you told me “our goal is to be the best” and, perhaps you have shown it in this tournament with an especially difficult road against Team Liquid and G2 Esports. How were those two matches?

They have been super difficult games in all aspects. Overtimes, a great level … the games were super close. The attitude of the team has been the key to winning those games and never giving up. It didn’t matter if we were losing or had the advantage, we were always 100%. Or, at least, we were trying to give that 100% and that attitude has been one of the main reasons we won.

Is Team Heretics the best European team in Valorant now?

I think so. I think we have managed to beat these three teams that are very good, that come from CS: GO with very important basics and my team in big competitions only have experience Nukkye and I. Avova, Paura and Niesow have not played important games in their lives. That kind of pressure that is experienced against G2, for example in a Split 11-11. Those rounds are special, they are lived totally different from a training session.

We have managed to win with that “handicap” of not having experience. In this tournament there have been some moments of panic, poor communication … but it’s normal, they have no experience. When they gain experience and become temperate, I think we will improve even more.

During First Strike, you have had situations of having to come back, how did you experience the moments when you were behind on the team’s communication channel?

Communication in TeamSpeak went well with good attitude. For example, against G2 Esports there was a moment when we were going 2-9 or 2-8 and we had to keep calm. I told them: “guys you have to continue with the same intensity, stay calm.” Nobody was out, the strategies were followed well and so on. Nobody was unmotivated, we knew we could win and we showed it.

How do you prepare a tournament as short and relevant as this one? Do you study potential rivals or only the strongest?

In our preparation, we have nothing considered in the sense of ways of executing the map super studied. In each round I comment on the strategy from the grassroots: “Guys, we do this”, and if not, we start from a default and from there I decide. There are no perfect executions that we have pre-studied.

Team Heretics took the First Strike final 3-1 / Riot Games

Lowel, let’s talk about the final: What was the key to that first map against Sumn FC in which you swept 13-1? Huge scoreboard and one of the best results in this First Strike.

Intensity and attitude, as I told you at the beginning. It doesn’t matter if we were going 10-0, we wanted to close the map with 13-0. The intensity was the same, that hunger to want to blow up the game has been key. And the attitude on other tighter maps like Bind, for example, was always the same. In a super tight match, the team was calm. And I commented: “guys, don’t worry, you can win with the final, we do this and that …”

Be honest, lowel, who has been the MVP of First Strike for you?

Pfff… everyone. I could not tell you and I tell you with total sincerity. Everyone has had a very good attitude. Everyone has played super well. Niesow has played great games but I was with everyone. Everyone has put their 100% to win.

It has been seen for the first time in competitive Icebox and it has been the map in which Sumn FC has given you problems. Did you discard this map when preparing First Strike?

Yes, we directly discarded this map. We focused on the other four maps as there was no time to focus on a whole new map, see things, practice it … We prefer not to take it into account and continue with Split and the other maps.

Do you see it with potential for the competitive?

Yes, I think the map is fine. There are little things that can be cool. Although it is that, right now I have no idea how to play. I don’t know the timings or anything.

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