Lost Temple Slot Machine

By Ucatchers

Welcome to our slot machine section, where we prepare for you tons of information about the best slot machines, features, special characteristics and gameplay of the best games. In this article we are going to speak about Lost Temple Slot Machine, a title produced by Scientific Games that combines emotion, adventures and lots of fun.

There are hundreds of titles that belongs to the adventure genre of slot machines, as in the case of King Kong Fury Slot for instance, and they are one the most chosen options for players who are looking for good graphics, good audiovisual effects and also good prizes to win.

Lost Temple Slot Machine Features

This slot machine is set in a similar scenario of games titles such as Jumanji or others related to jungle as Gonzo’s Quest and presents an automatic betting system that can be set to repeat your bet 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 times that can change once the proper bonus of the game.

Audiovisual Interface

The audiovisual elements are very similar to videogames, far from the classic slot machines designs with diamonds and basic symbols representing the joker. So that, the game don’t present a traditional game interface.

What is more, even the graphics are different from the classics. In fact, when you start playing the game, there is an introduction very similar to the traditional arcade games of the 90s but accompanied but amazing sounds and music that set yourself in the middle of the jungle.

Lost Temple Gameplay

In reference to the basic rules of the slot machine, Lost Temple has a minimum bet of 40 credit and a maximum of 200, despite the currency. The winning combination are always those that take place from left to hand in consecutive rolls.

There is a visual part on the screen with the word “won”, whwere you can see all the time your available credit, including winnings and bonuses. The expression of credits is always given in form of a number, without disctinction amongst euros, dollars or ever crytocurrency.

To the left of the roll, there’s the Spin button to play. If you don’t make any change, it repeats always the last betting. You only need to press it to start playing and try your luck in the jungle. As a player, you can decide in every play if multiply your bet or not.

The joker, this beautiful character in all the games, can show himself only in the second and fourth rolls and has the function to replace any symbol except for the bonus.

One of the currently strange options that you have in this slot is called Hold’n spin that you can copmbie with the bonus.

Lost Temple Bonus and Bets

In spite of the fact that Lost Temple is not a progressive slot machine game, you can find an amazing number of 1024 paylines! It means, certainly, that this game is a slot of almost constant prizes. In addition to this, you can complement your experience with lots of free spins that many online casinos give to their players as a bonus.

You should notice that the most important elements to take into consideration are the bonus and the joker. As usually happens in those kind of games, the bonus gives you the highest potential chance of getting more credits.

In the case of the joker, this figure can stand for any other symbol, that is to say, it can repleace symbols to help you to obtain the best possible winning according to the play. Apart from those symbols, there are other four important ones:

  • Treasure chest: 10, 500, 1000. 2000.
  • Scorpion: 50, 100, 200.
  • Gems: 100, 200, 500.
  • Gold coins: 150, 250, 750.

Finally, Lost Temple presents also an extra element called Big Win that is a multiplier that can elevate your bet credits up to 1000 times. For this reason, your potential winnings playing this game are really interesting.

And, in addition, if you combine those potential winnings, the action of the joker and the bonuses and the jungle atmosphere, you only need to choose this game to live an amazing gambling play.

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