Long-term betting on esports

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In the world of betting, we are very used to immediate or day-after-day forecasts. Normally we apply a bet to markets that happen in a short space of time, such as a match or a specific event that is resolved in a few hours. Therefore, it is not so attractive to bet in the long term because of the waiting time that occurs between applying the bet and it being resolved. Even so, long-term bets in esports have many advantages that we will see in the following lines.


Advantages and disadvantages

We’ll start with the ‘downsides’. These are not attractive markets for the average bettor. The main problem is the fact of having a part of your bank stopped for a long period of time.

In addition, we must understand that a long-term bet is a bet that goes through several events, therefore, it is much more difficult to hit than a common bet. As a basic example, if you are looking for a long-term bet on the winner of the tournament, we will understand that our team to reach our goal must overcome several games.

The advantages are really quite concrete. Long-term bets have a common factor, the risk. When risking on a specific event in time, the quota is much higher. As a basic example, if you bet on the victory of the tournament winner of a favorite team for that team, you will get a much higher odds than the bookie will offer you in their matches until you reach the goal.

Another great advantage of this type of bets is the trading long-term. The higher the quota from which we start, the greater profit we can obtain closing the same. So we can get a lot of benefit if our team gets off to a great start in the competition or becomes a ‘covered’ favorite.

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Examples of long-term bets applied to esports

We will take as reference the League of Legends World Cup. We are currently in the situation that only four teams left to contest the trophy (G2 Esports, Suning Gaming, Top Esports and Damwon Gaming). We are going to put several examples of how to play with the odds for get the maximum benefit in the long run.

If we go to the most feasible situation, our favorites to win the World Cup will be Top Esports and Damwon Gaming. We find that for these semifinals the odds they offer us are the following:

Chart with B365 odds.Odds as of October 20, 2020. Worlds 2020 League of Legends Semifinals.

In addition, to manage all the data and make the best possible decision, we will also put on paper the odds for the winner of the tournament, for which the teams must overcome this semifinal, and win the final.

Chart with B365 odds.Odds as of October 20, 2020. Tournament winner, Worlds 2020 League of Legends.

In this case, we have several options depending on our level of confidence in the forecast. If we believe that DAMWON Gaming or Top Esports They are going to win the World Cup, the best option is to opt for the long-term bet, since we will obtain a more interesting quota than the one they are going to offer us in the two remaining matches of the tournament. If instead we want to look for the surprise, Suning and G2 Esports, are the most relevant and easiest options to trade.

How can we obtain the quotas that the remaining matches will have?

Really the quota to the winner of the tournament is the multiplication of the quotas that the bookie will offer in both remaining matches from the tournament to the specific team. Therefore, to get the share of 2.50 of DAMWON Gaming We understand (roughly, obviously) that your share of 1.40 against G2 Esports, we must multiply it by 1.83 (hypothetical ending matched against Top Esports). That is to say, 1.40 * 1.83 we obtain 2.56, a fee very close to your Trophy Winner fee.

In the case of Top Esports It’s very similar. If we take your quota 1.53 of his match against Suning and we multiply it by 1.83 which would be the quota that they would obtain in the hypothetical final matched against DAMWON Gaming we get a result of 2.79, practically the quota that they offer us to the winner of the tournament.

Therefore, if we believe that a team is superior to the rivals that remain in the tournament and is also a favorite, it is much more profitable look for this type of bet versus the simple bet in such matches.

For the specific case of G2 and Suning (Underdogs), could be a way to get more profitability than the one that gives you the specific game. For example, bet € 100 at 2.75 fee of the DMW-G2, it would bring us a benefit of € 175. On the contrary, bet € 100 to the quota 8 of G2 tournament winner it would bring us a benefit minimum of € 175, but in case your rival is Suning and not Top Esports, this benefit in case of closing the bet before starting the final would increase exponentially. In addition to having a fee 8 for the final and not an approximate fee of 2.00 if he faces Suning or 2.75 if he faces Top Esports.


Long-term betting on esports they are not for everyone, but it is proven that they give great profitability. They are a great option if you don’t have too much time on a day-to-day basis since you can look up all the details of a competition and place a bet from which you will already get results.

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