LoL vs Wild Rift: First Comparisons

By Ucatchers

Wild rift

A few hours ago, one of the most anticipated video games of Riot Games came into our hands. About a year ago, in the tenth anniversary party, the company announced new releases that surprised the entire community. With this they made it clear that, from that moment on, his name began to have a real meaning.

Little by little the games already mentioned are coming to our devices. First appeared Teamfight Tactics and then Legends of Runeterra. Now is the time for one of the most anticipated deliveries since your announcement. It is nothing more and nothing less than League of Legends: Wild Rift, the adaptation of the famous MOBA for mobile devices and in the future, consoles.

For a long time, Riot Games has tested Wild Rift operation in different regions, such as Indonesia, Japan, South Korea or Thailand, among others. Although its release date was scheduled for December 10, the beta of the MOBA for mobile devices reached the server a day before. However, some content creators have had the privilege of enjoy the game before your departure date, so casual players have already been able to get a picture of what will be Wild Rift.

Wild Rift: First Impressions

The main fear when this game was announced was that it would become a League of Legends substitute. Nothing is further from reality. Since we installed the application and played the first game, you can see that Riot Games has taken care of the details and has treated it as a different game. The style has been taken care of, the champions have been treated and the way of playing has undergone some changes.

At the beginning, it is necessary to log in, something that we can do with our Riot account and thus link it. Once this is done, the MOBA suggests a small tutorial in order to put us in the position for future games. After this, the game will give us some champions with which we can take our first steps in the ‘Wild Rift’. And, as in League of Legends, it is time to play our first game, this time against champions controlled by artificial intelligence.

Once we have tested the game, we realize that the visual aspect has been a very worked part. It also highlights the fluidity when it comes to seeing the movements of the characters and monsters, as well as the simplicity of handling the champions. This lets us see that Wild rift It will be a MOBA that both those people related to League of Legends and those who are introduced to the Runeterra universe for the first time can enjoy.

Is it League of Legends 2.0?

Since it was announced, many people thought Wild Rift would be just like its PC brother League of Legends. Is this true? Absolutely not. Since we tried it for the first time, we can see that although the essence is the same, the game is different. One of the most striking differences is the structure of the streets.

View of a Wild Rift game / Image via: Riot Games

In League of Legends, the bottom rail always matches him dragon pit and the higher with that of Baron Nashor, all this regardless of which side you start on. However, in Wild Rift this changes completely. Now, if you start from the red side, the lower lane, as well as the dragons, will be located at the top of the map, which brings the Nashor to the lower zone.

We must also talk about the duration of games. Although in LoL there is the possibility of ending before minute 20, the normal thing is that the games get to extend to approximately 30. On the other hand, in Wild Rift it is completely different. The normal thing is to finish the map in about 12 minutes. This makes the games much more frantic and, in turn, that they can be played in a moment of rest without interrupting the activities of our day to day.

Finally, it is necessary to talk about champions. In this version 1.1 we have a limited number of characters, so there are not the 153 champions who play in the computer version. This time, they are 47 heroes among which we can choose for our different games. Even so, Riot Games has already announced that with the passage of time they will add new champions to the video game.

Lots of fun in a short time

Wild Rift is home to all kinds of beasts, but among the most majestic are the elemental dragons.

Each provides incredible benefits to the team that is daring enough to kill them.

– League of Legends: Wild Rift (@wildriftES) December 4, 2020

Taking into account all the data collected, we conclude that League of Legends: Wild Rift is not an identical copy of the PC version of League of Legends. Rather, it is a game with an essence similar to the MOBA, but practically different in many of its aspects. We found a Summoner’s Rift in reduced mode that changes according to the sides, something that makes it a bit more interactive.

In short, Wild Rift becomes a game that others and those close to League of Legends can enjoy. The mechanics change compared to its computer brother, so no one will start with a clear advantage over others. In addition, the short time of the games, makes it a unique game that will allow us to fill in those dead moments without forcing us to spend too much time. All this added to the fact that it can be played both at 30 and 60 fps, make Wild Rift a video game that will make us spend many hours in front of the screens of our mobile devices.

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