LoL Prediction: Vitality.Bee vs IZI Dream (LFL Summer)

By Ucatchers


Crucial meeting for a Vitality.Bee that had high expectations, especially with this roster where three of their players could easily be in the LEC, or have already been.

IZI Dream has a lazy team, with the Backlund and Viking combo, which are like tossing a coin, they play well or badly, that is to say they have the option to win and win alone, to lose it alone or to make it a normal day. At the beginning of the season everyone put IZI Dream, penultimate, while Vitality was put in top1-3 by all analysts.


Just by team, as I say, Vitality.Bee eats most of the teams out there. This afternoon’s game against IZI is very important for Vitality, there are four games left and right now they are out of the playoffs. IZI Dream is their direct rival, so if they lose, they would be left with four wins while IZI would have six. Come on what to qualify for the playoffs Vitality. Bee should win the rest of the games if i lose.

We know that Vitality is a team that works very well in the playoffs, in fact it comes from winning the Underdogs tournament, which is why its current bad level is so surprising. The odds are crazy, both the handicap and their simple victory, if they were giving their normal level, it would be 1.25, like the odds that came out the first time they met.

Vitality.Bee performs very well under pressureWe trust that they do not get carried away against a much worse team, and that they give the level they gave in the mentioned tournament.

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