LoL prediction: Vici Gaming – Suning (Demacia Cup)

By Ucatchers

On these very important dates, the first competitions begin in Asia. We are going specifically to the LPL and its ‘famous’ Demacia Cup. They are usually tournaments where new things from the patch are tested, teams make substitutions on their rosters, etc. Top Esports, JD Gaming, Suning, and LGD Gaming are classified directly to the final phase of the tournament for playing the world past. Let’s find the value in this LOL forecast among teams of Vici Gaming and Suning.

For the Demacia Cup tournament, Suning He arrives with hardly any competition and without playing with his main roster. Although for this tournament they take the members of the starting team with some substitutes, they arrive without competition rhythm and without playing together from the World Cup beyond their training sessions. With the changes that League of Legends has undergone and without playing any competitive games together from this process. His victory seems difficult to me despite the fact that there may be a difference in level by rosters.

Clash between Vici Gaming and Suning Gaming in the 2020 Demacia Cup.Very interesting match between Vici Gaming and Suning Gaming. Demacia Cup 2020.

For his part Vici Gaming will play with his roster for this year and with which he has competed in the NEST 2020. In addition, the team of Vici Gaming has been champion of this competition without yielding any map in the final phase of the tournament. On their way, they beat the substitute team of Suning 2-0 in their tie. The rhythm of competition and the time that its members have been preparing these tournaments, gives them an advantage in this match that we must take advantage of.

Forecast and schedules

Therefore, and with the odds in our favor, we are going to try a couple of predictions for this match.

On the one hand, we will seek the simple victory of Vici Gaming with a stake 2 to installment 2.37. In addition, taking advantage of the value that the quotas mark us and the possible good entry to the tie of Vici Gaming let’s search with stake 1 he Handicap -1.5 maps which is located at Odds 3.75, as if Suning start losing, it is not a competition where they go to seek their highest level to get through the tie.

You can follow the Demacia Cup through Twitch in the channel TheScore esports. And specifically this LoL forecast between Vici Gaming and Suning Thursday, December 24 at 11:30 a.m. approximately.

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