LoL Prediction: T1 vs Gen.G (KeSPA Cup)

By Ucatchers

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LoL forecast for the LCK preseason tournament before the end of the year. A tournament where teams usually bring their new teams with substitutes, people from academies, rookies. Similar to the Demacia Cup.

In this case we go with the match that will face T1 against Gen.G. Better said with the promises of T1 against GenG mixes. T1 will play with substitutes and rookies in three positions at least. But this is irrelevant to us, since these players who come from their academy have received numerous offers for how good they are. Others like Zeus and Gumayusi have already shown how good they are. In fact, Zeus is quite a celebrity at SOLOQ in Korea. And Clozer should not even be counted as a substitute, since he was the one who pulled the team last split.

Gen.G in the absence of confirming the adc and the top, will play with Flawless and Karis. They are not bad players, but I would definitely stick with those from T1.

Keep in mind that these types of tournaments are quite unpredictable and that is why we are going with stk1. In this type of tournaments his thing is to bet on those who have more promise, since it is a “process” for experienced players and you only have to see the results of the last champions of these tournaments. Without going any further, last year Afreeca won, even winning 2-0 over DAMWON, who later became absolute champion, easily winning the LCK and the world championship.

It’s not that I like T1 more because it has more promises, it’s because the rookies they carry are the best in the LCK without a doubt and players like Gumayusi, Ellim, Canna, Keria and Clozer already have experience in the maximum competition of the Korean league. and that’s why we go with them in this LoL forecast.

LoL Forecast
T1 vs Gen.G (KeSPA Cup)
T1 (Match Winner)Share: @ 1.72 (Bet365)
Stake: 1/10 Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2020, 1:00 p.m. CET
Status: Open

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