LoL Prediction: Suning vs JD Gaming

By Ucatchers

JDG vs SuningJDG vs Suning

JDG and Suning are China’s second and third seed respectively and will meet in the Worlds quarterfinals for a spot in the semifinals.

JD Gaming starts as the favorite, but not for this match, if not as one of the favorites to win Worlds from the start. Both teams have already met in the LPL, in their own league, where JDG was winning 2-0. Suning managed to reach the semis where he lost 3-0 against TES. For later TES beat JDG 3-2 in a very close match.


Obviously this was in the league, but we can take that as a reference anyway. It is better for us to be in Worlds, and we explain why. They both play in China, they play on stage and with added extra pressure. JDG has players with more experience, and who have experienced these situations.

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The Chinese favorite has a much better team than Suning, and SofM, who is Suning’s best player in our opinion, has been playing worse in these World Cups. JDG has not given its best version, but it has been noted that they have played at half throttle, and have even achieved a solid victory against DAMWON.

Instead, we believe that Suning has been playing at the level they can really deliver. Suning is a rival to beat, but with the difference in teams, I think JDG should win easily, and at most complicate themselves to 3-2, but keep winning.

JDG has been one of the best teams during the two seasons played this year. Winning in the Spring Split and finishing second in the summer. Meanwhile Suning has gained strength in the second part of the season, since in spring he did not even enter the playoffs, I think they have room for improvement, but they do not have time to improve enough to beat JDG.

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