LoL Prediction: Rainbow7 – V3 Esports

By Ucatchers

The 22 teams qualified for WorldsThe 22 teams qualified for Worlds

For this forecast, we are going to place ourselves in the second day of the play-in. At first glance, it’s not always a good decision to focus on a team. By this I mean that my second forecast for this World Cup has again Rainbow7 protagonist. Although I think they are a good team and I am impressed with the level that their jungle is giving, it is not always a good option to repeat. Still, this forecast from lol between Rainbow7 – V3 Esports, has several arguments that make me bet on them again. We are going to spend a little bit to see the details that can make a difference in this game.


V3 Esports, what do we know about them?

The Japanese team is relatively new to esports, having formed in 2017. In their League of Legends section, they are at the top of the list. LJL since summer 2019. This year they only gave up two losses in the regular phase and won the playoffs by winning the title. It is a quite adaptive team and different from the representatives of its region. We would not know how to properly catalog his way of playing because we see him as a very chameleonic team. Anyway, I think he has serious problems on the toplane. Paz seems to me the weakest point of this team, along with its botlane. The team focuses a lot on the talent of its jungle and its midlaner, who set the game times and adapt the team to their needs.


As we have already talked about Rainbow7 in the forecast of the first day of Play-in, we are going to focus on the direct confrontation between these two teams.

For this game, we are going to start with a small statistical detail that is interesting. Throughout the last World Cups, we can draw a clear conclusion. In the play-in phase, the balance on the sides of the map is very unbalanced. In the 2018 World Cups, in this phase of the tournament, the blue side prevailed in 57.1% of the disputed games. Meanwhile, in last year’s World Cup, in this same phase, the blue side had a 60.5% win rate. The reading of this data is that normally the blue side has a defined strategy and the red side must answer with forcefulness. In this phase of the tournament, the nerves, inexperience and many times, the low level of both teams facing each other makes this data very relevant.

Graph of victories in the play-in of the 2019 World Cup depending on the side chosen on the map.Win graph depending on the side of the map. Play-in of the 2019 World Cup.

On the other hand, in the purest confrontation between these teams I think there are several determining differences. First of all, both teams are very dependent on their jungle and I think Josedeodo is superior to also talented Bugi. Starting from this base and the fight that we will see in the two against two in the center line, I think he has a lot of won Rainbow7. Regarding the toplane, Acce I think is much superior to Paz and also has more synergy with his jungle. The botlane, although not so far apart in level, the Rainbow7 suits their team better and above all, they are more neutral than the guys from V3 Esports, who seek aggressiveness and if they stay behind they usually do not return to the game.


The highest odds of the entire play-in for the blue side mark this forecast from lol between Rainbow7 – V3 Esports. I think it is a very valuable opportunity. Let’s look for the Rainbow7 win at odds 1.72 with a stake of 2.

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