LoL Prediction: PSG Talon vs Rogue

By Ucatchers

Rogue worldsRogue worlds

We face the second round of the World Cup group stage with a forecast in the match between PSG Talon and Rogue. We believe that the bookmaker has sneaked into this game quite a bit. PSG Talon are not the same play-in team and we believe they are relying heavily on the results they had in the play-in to determine the odds.


PSG Talon is playing with a different team from the play-in, but not only that, but with the current team they had not even trained. They have been training together for 10 days. It is true that it is the same team that they have had in the league, but they come from playing with a totally different team, it is almost like starting over. First of all, in the play-in phase they had a team that was dedicated to playing for the mid-jungle. The current PSG is dedicated to playing for the botlane as he has always done, to this we have to add that River and Tank are not at their best. In short, it is a team that has trained little together in this patch and it is being noticed. They have lost all the games and have not come close to winning any.

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On the other hand, we have Rogue who is giving the best level we have seen from them so far. They are giving a level that was unexpected for everyone, in fact for us he is currently the best European representative. They are taking on tough rivals like JDG and DAMWON.

Rogue has already faced PSG Talon, winning 16-0 in 28 minutes. A brutal beating

In short, we have a team at its worst, which comes from being a totally different team, with another form of play only 10 days ago against a team that is currently at its best, therefore, we trust so much in this prediction of the match between Rogue and PSG Talon.

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