LoL prediction: PSG Talon – Rainbow7

By Ucatchers

The 22 teams qualified for WorldsThe 22 teams qualified for Worlds

The League of Legends World Cup is finally here. From Friday September 25, the play-in phase will begin. This year’s play-in format has divided wildcard teams into two groups. Once they have been resolved, both groups will face off in several series to determine the four teams that will enter the final group stage of the World Cup. It is a very intense phase where all the duels are key and it does not leave you any margin for error. I think we will see very intense games where we can find surprises, since in a game, the differences between teams are not so great. Today, we are going to focus on this LOL forecast: PSG Talon – Rainbow7, where we will try to get the most out of the game.


Determining equipment and details for the match.

In this match we meet PSG Talon, the team runner-up of the PCS. Regarding this team, they are a very interesting formation and their roster can be measured perfectly against all the teams in the play-in from you to you in our opinion. The problem is that PSG Talon comes to this World Cup with a very important handicap. On the subject of COVID-19, PSG Talon has confirmed that two of your players will not be able to participate in this play-in phase of the world cup. Further, they will not be able to count in the first bars of the play-in with its titular shooter. They will play with two players on loan from AHQ, and a third on loan from Machi Esports for the shooter position. At the level that we are, lose your middle, jungle and starting shooter makes you very vulnerable.

PSG Talon vs Rainbow7, 2020 League of Legends World Cup play-in match.PSG Talon vs. Rainbow7. Friday 25, 10:00 AM

On the other hand, we have Rainbow7, the actual 2020 LLA champion. Although their season has not been easy at all and they sweated a lot to win the final against AKThey have proven to be a very well-rounded and compact team. A team that plays around its cornerstone, Josedeodo, the jungle of Rainbow7. The player has been decisive in all phases of the season and has become the captain of a team that plays to his beat. The talented 20-year-old jungler is at his best. Is accompanied by Acce, a toplaner that handles well in all styles. Aloned in the middle, who keeps a great synergy with his jungle. In the botlane Leza Y Shadow, the first one rerolled to the shooter position this year and is a very versatile player, very important in the current League of Legends.

Conclusions and forecasts for the match.

So given the casualties it brings PSG Talon to this match and that the level of Rainbow7 It should not be too far from this team, even with their starting five, the odds show a lot of value in the Latin Americans.

Therefore, we are going to look for a stake 2 on the rainbow7 victory, which is located in 2.20. In addition, there is another very interesting odds that we are going to test with stake 1, Rainbow7 will kill a baron that marks a quota of 2.00.

We hope to enjoy a great game, we believe both teams will put on quite a show and it will be very entertaining to watch this PSG Talon – Rainbow7.

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