LOL Prediction: MAD Lions vs G2 Esports

By Ucatchers

LOL Prediction: MAD Lions vs G2 Esports (LEC)

Pick: Over 27.5 kills (First map)

Share: @ 1.83

Condition: Open

Stake: 2/10

Date: 04/03/2021

  • (Quotas correct at the time of publication of the article and subject to change).

We make way for the second round of these LEC playoffs where they face MAD Lions Y G2 Esports. Today we seek courage in this match of winner bracket where after a very entertaining and intense day the first and third classified of this league face in a confrontation that of course will be exciting.


In this second phase of playoffs we have a party that from my point of view is totally open to any result. On the one hand we have G2, which did not finish convincing last week, against a Schalke 04 very powerful in the early game which they forced a fifth map to G2.

To the samurais It was difficult for them to execute certain types of compositions in addition to suffering a lot on the topside throughout the series, certainly, the confrontation in the upper lane will be very important due to the player profile that is Armut.

On the other hand, we have a set of MAD Lions very solid, they found the style where they are comfortable and that’s when Elyoya can play, the team can play very protagonist together with Kaiser, these two players have signed a spectacular series against Rogue.

For this reason, the confrontation in the lower street will be more than interesting since we have Kaiser totally lit on fire mvp, against the stronger side of G2 that the botlane.

Carzzy and Kaiser, the botlane of the Lions


As of today, we are looking for over 27.5 murders in the first map for the following reasons:

  • G2 is a team that statistically gets a lot of kills, a statistic that MAD Lions shares in these playoffs with an average of 15 kills per map by G2 and 18 by MAD Lions.
  • By playing styles, the samurais get more kills the more action the map proposesIf not, they will drown the rival in pressure and therefore they will try to make that snowball to try to close the map. However, lions maintain a similar style of play.
  • In all the first map of these playoffs there have been an average of 24 murders. However, because of the teams that they are, and that MAD Lions comes with that morale boost for this game, I think the whole series is going to be very crazy from the beginning.

I expect a very crazy and long series for this match, victory can easily be on either side.

Besides, I recommend this same line in the following maps, be attentive in the game live.

Good luck to all!

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