LoL Prediction: Gen.G – G2 Esports

By Ucatchers

After a very entertaining group stage we already have the eight teams that will play the World Cup. Of the four games that are planned in these playoffs, we are going to choose that of a European team, G2 Esports. They will face this Sunday, October 18, third seed from Korea, Gen.G. Both are two great teams that are sure to fight to reach the grand final. Therefore, we are going to analyze the prediction of lol for the game of Gen.G – G2 Esports and to seek the value within the market that they offer us.


Trajectory in groups

Let’s start with Gen.G. Koreans fell into the group with Fnatic, TSM and LGD Gaming. They have had a very correct group stage and have only given up one defeat with Fnatic. His style is reminiscent of the classic of his region of previous years that gave so many successes to the LCK, but which has proven to be inefficient against China and sometimes also Europe. I think precisely this style is key in this tie against G2 Esports.

Korea representative team and Europe representative teams.Gen.G – G2 Esports. Eighth of Final Worlds 2020.

For its part, G2 Esports found itself in the Group A. Europe’s first seed has given up two group defeats, against Team Liquid and Sunning Gaming. The style of G2 Esports does not finish working against the teams of the region China as seen in their matches against Sunning Gaming. However, his rival for this best of five games has a totally different style. G2 Esports has already shown on other occasions that against him classic LCK rhythm they have good results. Without going any further, in the 2019 World Cups they were planted in the final after leaving behind Damwon Gaming and the old SKT T1, both from the Korean region.

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In this phase of the tournament, all matches are played to the best of five games. G2 Esports He has always shown that in this type of confrontation he handles himself like a fish in water and his adaptive style works very well in this type of series.

Due to the clash of styles and the capacity for growth in this type of scenario for the European team, the odds invite us to seek value in their favor in this match.

Therefore for this LoL forecast, we go with the victory of G2 Esports before Gen.G. We will apply stake 2 to a very interesting fee 2. Also, we are going to test with stake 1 the handicap of -1.5 maps in favor of the European team that stands at installment 3.25.

In short, we expect a victory of G2 Esports in this tie and as a final touch, let it be for 3-0 or 3-1 to take both forecasts and make a good profit.

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