LOL Prediction: G2 Esports vs Rogue

By Ucatchers

LOL Prediction: G2 Esports vs Rogue (LEC)

Pick: Less than 27.5 kills (First map)

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Condition: Open

Stake: 1.5 / 10

Date: 04/10/21

  • (Quotas correct at the time of publication of the article and subject to change).

We are about to reach the end of the league, with this we give way to the final of the loser bracket where they face G2 Esports Y Rogue after being defeated in the past. Today we seek courage in the confrontation between the rogues and the samurai who do not want to be eliminated in these LEC playoffs and they are looking for their pass to the grand final.


In this second phase of playoffs we have a party which seems to Rogue can be higher, G2 it did not finish convincing in the previous phases since they were eliminated against MAD Lions or by the fact that Schalke 04 have forced them a fifth map. However, I am totally convinced that this match will be very different.

It is clear that the set of G2 It is difficult for them to execute the compositions of front to back, however, they have had a lot of time to solve any kind of communication or authority problem in the samurai team.

The key to the set G2 will be his style of play very similar to that of MAD Lions which is capable of making very uncomfortable Rogue.

For their part, we have the set of rogues who normally they have a very strong and very predictable style of play, Y G2 you will have them more than studied.

However, it does not remove the fact that they have completely swept the Schalke 04 and they are a team that when they take advantage they do not let go and they drown you until the game ends.


For this encounter, we searched for fewer than 27.5 murders in the first map for the following reasons:

  • G2 It is a team that statistically gets a lot of murders, but it is also one of the ones that makes the fewest mistakes if the team in charge does not propose something to them. It can be said that they are a team that react very well to what is put to them. But on the contrary if Rogue does not propose anything to G2 they are going to drown in their own game.
  • It is the first map and in these playoffs the mean of fewer murders is absolutely in the first map where most matches have been linear without too many kills (Except for teams like Fnatic).

And for these reasons I think that this first map will be a quiet map without many kills and due to the play style of both teams. Many times they play compositions with a lot of escalation and the kills don’t arrive until the end of the game when the respawn times are very high.

  • I recommend paying attention to live markets, since the above mentioned only applies to the first map. Since, in the second map they tend to break the ice and play more aggressive. Normally the line ends down where it is more interesting to enter the over of murders.
  • I also recommend the handicap -2.5 of G2 since it is the lowest handicap we have had in the competition and there should only be a difference of three kills.

Good luck to all!

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