LoL Prediction: G2 Esports vs Rogue (LEC Spring Playoffs)

By Ucatchers

LoL Forecast: G2 Esports vs Rogue (LEC Spring Playoffs)
G2 Esports HA-1.5 (Match Handicap) Share: @ 1.90 (Bet365)
Stake: 1/10 Date: Saturday April 10, 2021, 5:00 p.m. CET
Status: Open

* (Quotas correct at the time of publication of the article and subject to change).

We go with a pick between the two strongest teams in the LEC, first and second place respectively. This forecast is for the playoff semifinal.

If we talk about G2 Esports we have to talk about the super team of Europe. At the beginning of the year everyone said that they did not want to see a league led by a single team, since G2 boasted of having the best team in history in Europe and they do. On the other hand, Rogue continues to be one of the strongest teams in the league and they have shown it throughout the league.

G2 Esports has not given the best of its levels and has surprised for the worse. It is something that we are accustomed to, trolling in the league and in the winner bracket to end up winning more than enough. It’s business as usual and we believe this year will be the same. They always play at half gas until they have to give 100% and there they always win more than enough. We have seen this in other splits, in the previous one without going any further they lost in the winner bracket against MAD Lions to end up beating them 3-1 in the semis and the final 3-0.

It is true that Rogue is a very solid team, but they have also lost their two games against G2 in regular league.. It is the typical team that in the playoffs give the worst level and they have shown it. G2 Esports has been playing at “half gas” and they have even shown it with their drafts. We trust that today they will bring out their best version with the great team they have formed this year. He should be able to win 3-0 although we believe that some map will escape them. If we see for example the G2 Esports game against MAD Lions we can see Rekkles playing Karma and rare drafts in which it seemed they were trying things.

This year there is MSI and last year there was not, so I am sure G2 will be very eager to enter this international phase and will play at its best.

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