LoL Prediction: Fnatic – Team SoloMid

By Ucatchers

We started the main event with this prediction of lol that will face the teams of Fnatic and Team SoloMid (TSM) Saturday October 3. The duels between the European region and the North American region always leave beautiful encounters. The rivalry between regions to see who is superior gives a different atmosphere to this type of match.


For this match, we are going to look for two slightly different types of bets. After the explanation, you will surely understand much better why we have opted for these forecasts. Sometimes the odds to the winner of the match are not very valuable, or you can even look for less risky variants.

Therefore, we are going to analyze both teams a bit and guide the information in view of our forecasts.

What to expect from Fnatic?

On the one hand, we have the current runner-up in Europe, Fnatic. In my opinion, with the weakest global roster that they have sent to Worlds in recent dates. By names, I would have no doubts about their players, but I think their current state is not the best in the world.

They insist on veteran support, Hylissang, who has been giving more sand than lime for a long time. On the toplane, BwipoI also think it’s low on the current meta, although it still has some pocket picks. On Central Street, you cannot doubt the talent of nemesisBut it is not being his best season and he does not seem to adapt very well to the supporting role he is getting this year. Shooter, Rekkles, He always complies and works at a good level despite the seasons he carries on his shoulders, but his potential to take games forward from his position is not easy. And finally, we have the best player of Fnatic currently, its jungle Selfmade. The team turns to him and tends to make good use of his resources.

The team reached the LEC final after a somewhat tight regular phase final and destroying Rogue in their play-off match by a resounding 3-0. In the final, they had different luck and the three contested maps yielded and were crushed by G2.

The way of playing the European team has been much more oriented to team fights than to pure macro strategy. Hand in hand with Selfmade and its jungles with game lane potential, they find a good way to take advantage. In addition, the current meta of the game and dragons, are much more conducive to teamfights.

Is the legendary Team SoloMid back?

Practically against all odds, Team SoloMid they had some incredible play-offs and conquered the LCS. From the hand of his mythical midlaner Bjergsen and with the return of DoubleliftThey have had a great season. Your current level is difficult to compare with FnaticMaybe a little below the Europeans, but not on another rung either.

By TSM we have Broken blade. The meta is with him, but the rise in popularity of Ornn it can take a toll on you. It can be quite coinflip. Your jungle, Spica, has adapted very well to his supporting role and is very capable in the most popular champions in the role currently as Graves, Evelynn and Sett. Bjergsen, maintains a good level and plays a very important role within the team, in addition to causing bans from champions in the off-goal selection phase like Zilean or Twisted Fate. DoubleliftFor his part, he has shown that he is still the best shooter in North America. His knowledge of the game and its limits make him a world-class player. And finally Biofrost, a fairly correct support in all styles of the role, although with greater potential in initiation champions like Rakan.

His game focuses more on climbing and forcing a lot of towers if they are ahead of gold in the game. They don’t give up targets easily and have a pretty good teamfight.

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Showdown and predictions

Predicting a winner in this match is very difficult. The scales may be tilted a little towards Fnatic, but not too much. Both teams have quite a few doubts in their game and everything will depend on the pair between mid-jungle and how it is managed in this game. We believe that there will be a clear winner on the toplane. Both toplaners are very good at the front and very bad at the rear. In the center line there will not be much aggression in the one on one, but there will be a lot of action with the jungles. The botlane will probably force some kills in line phase.

Game played between Fnatic and Team Solo Mid.Fnatic vs. TSM. World group stage 2020.

We expect a fairly active game, with many fights geared toward dragons and heralds. Depositioning failures, loss of advantages and unforced errors to which both teams are accustomed.

Therefore, we are going to look for two forecasts.

First, Over 23.5 kills in the game, to which we will assign a stake of a unit. It stands at 1.83 fee. Both teams are quite active and don’t give up targets easily, therefore there will be quite a few group fights. His toplaners are not afraid to kill, or to die. And on the part of the jungle, each one in their version, they will also bring utility and assassinations to their respective teams.

The second, a little more risky. Baron Nashor will be killed Over 1.5 times in this game, to which we will assign half a unit. The explanation is simple. Both teams have us accustomed to releasing advantages with ease and also the goal accompanies it. If to all this we add the possibility of theft of the team that is behind and that both, each in their own style, sometimes get stuck to close games, we have a pick that fee 2.20 it is very interesting.

Good luck and enjoy this LoL prediction between Fnatic and Team SoloMid!

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