LoL prediction: Damwon Gaming – Suning

By Ucatchers

After more than a month of competition, the World Cup is coming to an end. The final leaves us a really attractive match between the winner of the LCK and the third seed from China. From Saturday October 31st we will enjoy this lol forecast between the DAMWON Gaming and Suning teams. We are going to analyze how each team reached the final and the path they have traveled up to here where everything will be decided to a best of five games that will end with the League of Legends season and with the competitive year 2020.


The way

Suning began its journey in the group A, where it was paired with G2 Esports, Team Liquid and Machi Esports. They came out of groups with only two losses to Western teams and beating G2 Esports in the tiebreaker. His career in the playoffs has faced the other two teams in his region, JDG and Top Esports. Both heats have been resolved with a 3-1 in his favor.

Damwon Gaming for his part, he fell into the B Group, the weakest group in this World Cup. Got Rogue, PSG and JDG in their pairing. He solved his group only by yielding a loss against JDG when it was irrelevant. In playoffs, he left on the road to DragonX Y G2 Esports 3-0 and 3-1, respectively.

Analysis and forecast

The revelation of the world cup, SuningIt is true that he has played a quality League of Legends, but I think also of comfort. The pairings in the Playoffs phase have left him a path in which, at least, he knew perfectly his rivals and how to play against them. Due to the trajectory and the way of playing, you could tell that it was the most fit team in its region in the group stage and has been ‘lucky’ to face only rivals from the LPL all the way to the end. The style has been very typical of their region, so much so that there have even been some moments in their heats that they created their own goal by playing different things than seen in the other heats.

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For his part Damwon Gaming he has had more variety in his confrontations. His playoff pairings brought him the rival from his domestic competition already G2 Esports, two very varied styles. Even so, since the beginning of the competition, it has proven to be the most compact team with the most arguments in the entire competition. His ability to play around vision and his fighting style is perfect. In his playoffs he has shown a clear superiority.

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For the final, the odds are too much in favor of Damwon Gaming but we are going to look for the value in the markets.

Due to the tendency of the playoffs for both teams, they usually enter with lead feet. Damwon Gaming probably measure the capacity of Suning on the first map and play some more climbing. So, let’s test the More than 12.5 towers in the first map of the final that is situated in 2.37 fee. Stake 1.

On the other hand, we will seek victory with a handicap of -1.5 maps of Damwon Gaming which is located in 1.90. Stake 2.

Good luck and enjoy this LoL forecast between Damwon Gaming and Suning!

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