LoL Forecast: Vici Gaming – LGD Gaming (LPL)

By Ucatchers

2018 Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage at EU LCS Studio in Berlin, Germany, on 11 May 2018.

This Friday we are going to the Chinese league to find the value in this forecast for the match between Vici Gaming and LGD Gaming. With the classification adjusted, both teams play a lot in this match. We are going to do a little analysis of each team and at what point in the season they come to this confrontation. Also, we will emphasize the preparation of it.

Let’s first start by talking about Vici Gaming. At the beginning of the year we already talked about them as a team to follow this season. So far, it has been a team of moments. He has had very good games where he has deployed an unstoppable strategy and others where he has been diluted in the most basic things. Kkoma’s team started the season with high hopes with the great signing of the Korean giant, who has won everything with T1 along the history. While it is true that the facelift on Vici Gaming It has been important, there is still the final stretch of the season where he must make them shine.

On the other hand, we have LGD Gaming. They are practically a history of the competition but they never manage to be a really outstanding team. Following the arrival of Peanut, who switched regions just over a year ago to fall in China, the team seemed to be aiming for higher places in the competition. Still, they remain stagnant (along with Vici Gaming) in the middle of the table but looking for his options to fight for the title at the end of this split. They are a solid team, but very dependent on the early game and quite emotional.

Peanut, LGD Gaming's current jungle.  Trained in Korea, currently in China.Peanut, Jungla for LGD Gaming.

LoL matchup and forecast in the LPL between Vici Gaming and LGD Gaming.

This Friday, both teams meet each other again. To date, they have played this year 2020 a total of two matches, which ended with the victory of Vici Gaming. Both games were very similar, Vici Gaming had a solid strategy at the beginning of the game and they managed to create a snowball that gave them victory in both matches.

They both arrive at the game very much in need of victory, but also, LGD Gaming arrives with an added handicap very complicated. They come from a very tough preparation against the current world champion, FPX, which is between Vici Gaming and them sharing space in a tight leaderboard.

Due to the modes of play of both teams, as seen in previous matches, I think Vici Gaming They have here a golden opportunity to fight for higher places in the rankings. LGD Gaming He will come to this game very tired with a break and with a short preparation time for this game. Conversely, Vici Gaming He has had the whole week to prepare for the game and it is his most important goal of the week.

If everything works, Kkoma He will once again propose a strong early game and will seek to shine in the midgame strategy to win this important victory, which may be the key to a good Summer split.

Therefore, the prognosis is that we will search the victory of Vici Gaming, which is at a large share of 2.37 in this confrontation. We will do it with a stake 2, a little above low confidence.

You can follow this confrontation through lolesports or through the official channels of LPL on Twitch.

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