LoL betting statistics

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Betting statistics

We have already talked in other articles about things related to LoL betting statistics. In most sports there are tipsters of two types, those that use their knowledge and privileged information and those that are based on pure statistics. LoL as one more sport in which you bet, also has its part of statistics, but as we have said on other occasions it is something that should not be taken into account much.

The LoL is a game that is constantly changing. From time to time there are updates to which the teams in each league must adapt. It is obvious that depending on the update, a team will or will not benefit or will adapt worse or better than its rivals. Therefore, the statistics from for example a month ago, in case there was a patch change, should not be valid for a game that is played today. A patch change is a change, an update to the game, which alters the way or the champions that are played.

As you can see, to bet on this sport we cannot rely on statistics in LoL bets. If we are in patch 10.7 and we look at the statistics, we will get the global ones, those of different patches. How obvious if the game changes, the statistics and even the level of the teams, too.

Statistics for Support, Not Guidance

Obviously you can look at the statistics when betting on this sport, but they are not as “real” as those of a football league, for example, could be. It is clear that everything that helps us to bet is welcome, but statistics should always be an accompaniment in the case of LoL and never the basis of our foundation.

There will be people who only use statistics, but as I say, It is not “real” nor advisable to bet on it only., the appropriate thing is that it is used to support our knowledge. As we always tell you; Before betting, we recommend that you read all the articles and guides that you can find on this website to find out about the most efficient way to bet on this electronic sport.

If you want to use statistics as support, we recommend this website.

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