LIVE on LoL: How to Find Value

By Ucatchers

Finding value in LIVE in LoL is somewhat complicated at first, but once we know how to do it it will be quite easy. You have to find the keys to find value and be able to bet efficiently in live. In this article we tell you the best keys to earn money on LIVE.

We are going to divide the article into two “levels”. The first for people who do not understand much of League Of Legends or that they know the basics and the second for those with broader knowledge about the game. First of all, whenever you want to bet on a LIVE in LoL, you have to take the match and the teams studied beforehand.

For those of you who do not have such an affinity with the game, we are going to give you a couple of simple and easy-to-follow keys.

Never look at the deaths of one team or another. That is, team A can have 12 kills and team B has 7 kills and it is team B that is winning. This is usually a common mistake in people who do not understand much of the game and resemble the game to others who are similar.

If you don’t have to look at deaths, what can you look at? If you are not so familiar with the game you must look at the gold of each team. A difference of 4,000 gold is a fairly large advantage over the opponent. Always pay attention to the moment of departure. If it’s the first minutes or the 20-25 minute, a 4,000 lead is quite a lot. On the other hand, if we enter a final phase of a game, minute 38+ such a difference means very little and in those minutes there are other factors to take into account which require more knowledge of the game.

These keys will help you at least to avoid betting without knowledge and not falling into the “typical” trap of betting on a team due to the fact that it has more deaths.

For those of you who have more knowledge of LOL there are more things we can look at to get LIVE value in LoL. In the next paragraph I put a pair of concrete keys to get more value from the lives.

Always keeping gold in mind, we have to analyze compositions. For example if team A with an early composition is behind in gold and B has a mid-late game composition, it is more likely that team B will win the game. This can be used for all other cases, for example, where an early build starts off by winning early will make it easier for you to gain the upper hand.

Analyze where the deaths and the gold are, It is not the same that a carry takes 3 deaths to a support takes them, since the gold will be in a character that is not going to make a “good use” of that gold so to speak.

Analyze how many dragons each team has, A team that lacks a dragon does not have the same advantage to get the dragon soul even if it goes a little behind, than a team that is a little ahead but with 0 dragons.

These are some simple keys that will help you achieve value in LIVE in LoL, there are many other factors but they are more difficult and you need previous experience, we can say that it is for «pros». We will make a guide of keys for which a deeper knowledge of the game is required and that can help you squeeze them to the fullest.

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