Listen to the podcast of the 89th MarcaPoker program

By Ucatchers

If you like poker, don’t miss the weekly program directed by David Luzago. We present the links so that you can hear it delayed.

Listen to Luzago's MarcaPoker program

Listen to Luzago’s MarcaPoker program

Brand Poker yesterday issued his 89th program in Radio Brand, from the hand of David luzago and thanks to the sponsorship of Winamax.

David reviewed the present of the poker, both nationally and internationally, in a space of an hour and a half, which, as always, was very entertaining.

We do not spoil the contents; we only present you a index thereof:

News summary from his own hand David luzago.

The prop bets, with Guillermo Berri.

The WSOP, with Álex Hernando

And the commonalities between poker and sports betting, with “kaveson”.

If you couldn’t listen to it live, We recommend that you listen to MarcaPoker on delayed. Worth it!

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