Ligue 1 arrives in digital: here is the Twitch channel

By Ucatchers

Ligue 1 has launched its Twitch channel. As some football leagues have already done, the French one also focuses on digital.

After the agreements signed with Olympique Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain, the new partnership will serve the French League to attract new young audiences and interact with the various communities. The digital channel will offer matches from the eLigue1, the virtual championship of the French league after the Bein Esports television channel had broadcast it for the first few seasons.

They will be broadcast two programs of weekly frequency lasting two hours on real football. Indeed, Ligue 1 Legends it will be based on the historical legends of the League such as Juninho Pernambucano, David Beckham and the new prince Kylian Mbappé while the other program will be conducted by the influencer Rivenzi with other guests to tell the various news from the football fields.

Mathieu Ficot, Deputy CEO of the French Professional League, said: “This new project will allow us for the first time to control the entire value chain, from the organization of the competition to its transmission, including production, after the departure of Bein Esports. . This will give us the opportunity over time to feed the channel with numerous Ligue 1 programs ”.

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