LEC will not require an academy team from 2022

By Ucatchers

Landing of the LEC to the old continent it has supposed a complete revolution within the competitive regional. One of the changes was the implementation of a franchise system, a decision that marked the farewell to traditional promotions and demotions. In addition, the organization decided to implement a rule that requires its participants to have a academy team within the European Regional League, ERL, from League of Legends. A regulation that would be living its last days, according to sources to the Dot Esports media.

The members of the LEC voted in favor of the elimination of academy teams

The matter of academy teams It has been in the arena for a while. Everything seems to indicate that next year the LEC will say goodbye to the rule that forced its participants to have a subsidiary within ERL. A vote taken during a meeting of its owners, in which Rogue was the only one of the ten who voted against eliminating the rule for academy teams within the European Regional Leagues.

The role of subsidiaries within ERL

The decision voted by the ten teams of the highest European competition will not mean the disappearance of the subsidiaries. But a regulation of these, because in the meeting it was also agreed that each ERL have a maximum of two subsidiaries. A measure that already happens in Superliga, LFL, Prime League and NLC. A measure that will make it difficult for the teams LEC to change your academy From league to regional league, in addition to depopulating subsidiaries each edition of European Masters.

“Teams have been asking for this change for a long time Riot Games, even though most of them are expected to go ahead with their academy teams«, Explains the editor of the Dot Esports medium Pablo« BloopGG »Suárez. A decision that will give enough time for the franchises to assess the situation and make a decision to keep their b-team to face next year.

Since the implementation of the rule in the competitive European of League of Legends, We have witnessed how some franchises make use of their subsidiaries and, even being one of the references within the domestic leagues and participating in European Masters. Misfits (LFL) and Rogue (Ultraliga) are one of the academy teams that have become incubators for talent. While BT Excel is the current NLC champion. And in the negative case we have Astralis SB that competes in the Nexo League, the second highest Spanish category.

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