League of Legends transfer market minute by minute

By Ucatchers

LCS Finals 2018

At dawn on Tuesday, November 17, the international transfer market for League of Legends was opened. Many players finish contracts and are free to accept the most convenient offer. Although there are also clubs willing to pay a transfer to get the services of a certain player for the next season. The League of Legends transfer market has opened and here you will have all the news minute by minute.

These have been the rumors and confirmations during the League of Legends transfer market in the different regions


  • NOV 18 / Rekkles is released from Fnatic and I would go to G2 Esports. (Not official)
  • NOV 18 / Fnatic makes the march of Rekkles official. (Official)
  • NOV 18 / Aggressive would be promoted from the academy and complete the roster of Misfits along with the addition of Vander. (Not official)
  • 17 NOV / Astralis confirms their entire roster: WhiteKnight, Zanzarah, Nukeduck, Jeskla and PromisQ. (Official)
  • NOV 17 / Odoamne and Trymbi are the new additions of Rogue saying goodbye to Finn and Vander. (Official)
  • 16 NOV / Nisqy could be the call to fill the position of Nemesis in Fnatic and Rekkles will hear offers in free agency. (Not official)
  • 16 NOV / MAD Lions he would have thought of Armut to replace Orome and ElYoya to replace Shadow. (Not official)
  • 16 NOV / SK Gaming would replace Crownshot with Jezu and would incorporate Tynx and Blue. (Not official)
  • NOV 15 / Fnatic I could renew Hylissang. (Not official)
  • NOV 15 / Vetheo would leave LDLC address Misfits. (Not official)
  • NOV 12 / YamatoCannon could be Fnatic’s next trainer. (Not official)


  • NOV 19 / Lost would be about to sign with Evil Genius. (Not official)
  • NOV 19 / Doublelift’s uncertain future could complicate Huni’s arrival at Team SoloMid. (Not odixial)
  • NOV 18 / The full roster of Immortals It would be: Revenge, Xerse, Insanity, Raes and Destiny. (Not official)
  • NOV 17 / Jizuke, Impact and IgNar would complete the roster of Evil Geniuses. (Not official)
  • 17 NOV / Team SoloMid he would have paid Huni’s buyout to Evil Geniuses. (Not official)
  • NOV 17 / SwordArt and Huni gather the strength to sit in the Team SoloMid chairs. (Not official)
  • NOV 17 / Finn hits the upper lane of Cloud9. (Official)
  • 17 NOV / FlyQuest would be very interested in Josedeodo and Defty would go to Evil Genius by Ignar. (Not official)
  • 17 NOV / 100 Thieves makes the additions of Closer and the FBI official. (Official) Damonte and Huhi also play. (Not official)
  • 17 NOV / Team Liquid it would be Alphari’s destiny after his departure from Origin. (Not official)
  • 16 NOV / Immortals officially announces that Xmithie, Hakuho and Allorim are released. (Official)
  • NOV 15 / Santorin would sign one year with Team Liquid. (Not official)
  • 14 NOV / Evil Geniuses announces that Bang, Goldenglue and Kumo are not going to continue. (Official)
  • 12 NOV / Cloud9 I’d be looking forward to closing the PerkZ deal. (Not official)
  • NOV 12 / YamatoCannon could reach Fnatic and Mithy go to Cloud9 as an assistant. (Not official)
  • NOV 7 / PowerOfEvil is released from FlyQuest and it sounds to get to Team SoloMid. (Not official)
  • NOV 11 / Immortals incorporates Guilhoto to the technical direction. (Official)
  • NOV 5 / Jensen renews for three years with Team Liquid. (Official)
  • OCT 24 / Bjergsen retires and becomes coach of Team SoloMid. (Official)


  • NOV 18 / T1 signs Keria. (Official)
  • 16 NOV / Jin Air Green Wings Dissolves his LoL roster. (Official)
  • 16 NOV / SANDBOX Gaming free GorillA. (Official)
  • 12 NOV / Daeny and Zerfa join the technical staff of T1. Bengi goes on to run the academy. (Official)

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