League of Legends, Riot Games “repairs” the damage of January

By Ucatchers

Following the problems that blocked the servers of League of Legends, also hitting the Clash tournaments (the team game mode of the famous Moba), Riot Games has decided to organize a series of “repair” tournaments. The US company has also pledged to refund tickets to all players from servers in Eastern Europe (EUW), North Eastern Europe (EUNE), Russia (RU) and Turkey (TR) who took part in tournaments in one or both days affected by the problem. The new tournaments will be held on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th February.

On January 16th and 17th, problems affecting all LoL in various regions also affected Clash tournaments. On the 17th in Russia and Turkey, on both days in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe, the competitors found themselves facing generalized problems, which in some cases also resulted in the cancellation of tournaments. Riot thus refunded tickets to all RU and TR players who participated on the 17th, and to all EUW and EUNE players who took part in the tournaments on one or both days.

For this reason, Clash repair tournaments have been organized in the regions involved, scheduled for Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 February. “Even if this was not how we would have liked our first midweek tournament to go,” Riot Games wrote in a note, “we would like to hear your thoughts on this new organizational option, as part of our commitment to make Clash accessible to more. of players during this year. While we are sorry that server problems have started Clash 2021 off on the wrong foot, we are grateful to all who continue to bring teams together to participate. Good luck in the restorative tournament “.


Sat, Jan 30 (opening team creation)

Wed, Feb 3

(Confirmations day 1)

Thu, 4 Feb.

(Confirmations day 2)


11:00 GMT

15:15 – 19:30 GMT

15:15 – 19:30 GMT


11:00 CET

16:15 – 20:30 CET

16:15 – 20:30 CET


11:00 UTC + 3

16:15 – 19:00 UTC + 3

16:15 – 19:00 UTC + 3


11:00 MSK

17:00 – 19:00 MSK

17:00 – 19:00 MSK

Same as for the January tournament even those who have not completed the placements for the 2021 season can participate, provided they have had a level in the 2020 one. Always as in January the restorative tournament will be part of the Shadow Isles cup, which completes the pre-season of Clash, before restoring the tier requirement in the current season with the Zaun Cup in February.

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