LCK Week 2: LCK Gods Bleed Too

By Ucatchers

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The LCK Week 2 It has come with several clashes that have made us put our hands to our heads. As in every day of the Korean league, we bring you the different surprises and disappointments that have occurred throughout these five days competition.

Series of the day Week 2 LCK: Gen.G vs Hanwha Life

Difficult choice this day to highlight a series. Both two from T1 or BRO’s surprise could be perfectly indicated. Still, Gen.G deserved to be in this section. Until then, the only undefeated team against the team that moved the most in the market. Two of the best line-by-line duels that the LCK could show us. Ruler vs Deft and Bdd vs Chovy. We would have to wait until the last day of the week to experience the best series of all.

The confrontation began in style. On the part of Gen.G, Bdd came out with his most played champion, Syndra (4-1), while Rascal could play Akali, selection that remained open. On the HLE side a total declaration of intent. Deft was not afraid to take Kalista against one of the best in the world with the champion as is Ruler. The morbid was served. A very even game that was only managed to break when the Gen.G quintet took over the first baron at minute 32 without their rival finding out. After this, the last group battle would take place around the dragon, which meant the soul to HLE. Gen.G hit first.

Few surprises in terms of the compositions of Ruler and company team for the second map. However, HLE was betting on two choices that little by little are rearing their heads: Rell and Yone. The game was not starting very well for Hanwha after a series of poor decisions at the bottom of the map, but Chovy’s excellent rotation to top put him 2/0 at minute four. Another four minutes later he was already with a 4/0. Up to five kills in 1vs1 got in the whole game. The magic of one of the most fit players of the moment. Little could Gen.G do about this. In addition, both Morgan and Arthur and Vsta played a very comfortable game, a product of the advantage obtained by their midlaner. 1-1 and everything to be decided.

As a good final game, surprises could not be absent. This time it was Gen.G who left Akali open for Chovy to choose. On the other hand, we were going to have a lovely confrontation between Ruler with Samira and Deft with Vayne. Once again the game began with an excellent Chovy in the rotations, putting himself with a 3/0 in ten minutes that would ultimately be decisive. Again, there was little Gen.G could do about Hanwha Life. The advantage obtained by the main swords of the team was more than enough to win any 5 vs 5. Gen. G’s first defeat meant the no undefeated in the entire LCK, and we are in the second week.

Post-match revelation Week 2 LCK: DRX

Second week of the LCK and second appearance of the organization in this section. However, the occasion deserves it again. As we mentioned last week, the club came in with a 1-1 that was soon to be one more victory. For this second day of competition, the team has acquired two key victories for your locker as those obtained before NS and LSB. A priori, two teams that started even with them in the classification.

The team carburates with the trio Kingen – Pyosik – BAO at a very high level, although SOLKA and Becca are not far behind either. Ahead are two affordable confrontations such as KT and BRO that will allow them to continue taking filming. The passage of terror arrives in week four, when they get the main coconuts. At the moment they are in a first shared position with four teams, with a 3-1.

Post-match disappointment Week 2 LCK: Q1

Put away the knives, nobody gets nervous. At no time is T1 a disappointment to anyone, but his week on a statistical level has not been good. Although in their first match against Gen.G the loss was understandable, missing the point against KT deserves a wake-up call. When the group wins, their pieces show an unbeatable face (the Gumayusi – Keria couple is falling in love). Even Clozer showed a very good level on the first map against KT. However, chen things don’t work out they all seem missing, and they fail to turn maps that are behind.

For this third week they have two relatively simple matches against SANDBOX and Afreeca FreecsWe hope they serve to see the best T1 again. And we remember again. Disappointment only comes when we expect something from someone, and we expect great things from the telephone organization.

T1’s starting five against KT with Clozer | Source: T1LoL

Surprise of the day: KT Rolster

If at the beginning of the season they tell me that KT Rolster I was going to enter the section of positive surprises, I think that person is not well. The red team lost an important point to Hanwha Life, with which they went to the third map. On the other hand, he managed to scratch a very important victory against T1. The pieces seem to fit within the established scheme, and finally not in the way we thought.

In the middle of 2021, a team made up of discards from other clubs is 2-2 in the table. The apparent intention of playing with a rookie jungle ends when Blank seems like a solvent player. Yes, in the middle of 2021. As if that weren’t enough, Ucal is having a remarkable start to the season and the best of the team is being HyBriD. Seeing is believing. DRX and NS await in this new week that is presented. We will wait to see if we meet KT again in a positive section.

MVP of the day: Jeong Ji-hoon “Chovy”

This week there is no discussion to choose the winner. The two series that Chovy has played with his team have been spectacular. Attentive to the numbers: KDA 25 with TF on two maps, KDA 4 with Lucian, 3.5 with Gallium, 19 with Yone, 16 with Akali

And it is not only the numbers that warn of its dominance. The amount of solokills the player has achieved this week is brutal, and against probably the best team in Korea so far. Your ability to adapt to any game plan coupled with his way of understanding rotations, flankings and appearances with the teleport make him a monster. Undoubtedly, the fittest player in all of Korea, and probably the world.

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