LCK Week 1: Gen.G and DAMWON put ground in between

By Ucatchers

Full Esports - Post-match Week 1 LCK

With the first Week of Play now over in Korea, comes the Week 1 post-match at LCK. These first days of competition have left us with several surprises, luxury debuts and disappointments that we cannot miss. This is the review of the first day in the LCK.

Series of the day Week 1 LCK: DAMWON KIA vs T1

The two big favorites of this competitive new year in Korea. The current LCK and World champion against the most awarded team in the entire history of the game. On the part of the teams, little surprise regarding the line-ups, with the only change being Lee Sang-hyeok “Faker“By Lee Ju-hyeon”Clozer”, Which started as a starter in the first series of the week.

The confrontation began with a very decanted first map for the whole of T1, which made us think the worst for the show. The bottom part of the team donned the workman’s suit to close the game in just 30 minutes, without giving DWG a chance at any time. Gumayusi himself achieved the first fivefold murder of his career in the first group battle of the party. The 1-0 rose to the scoreboard.

The second started with few surprises heading into the draft. Faker he continued with his characteristic Azir, while from DWG we saw a Gangplank in the hands of Kim Dong-ha “Khan”, A champion little seen at the start of the season but that would turn out to be crucial. Doble in the first group fight, farm per minute perfect or win the 1vs1 against his rival are some of the glimpses of quality Khan left behind in this game. This time the roles were reversed and it was T1 who could not stand up. The tie was served.

The decisive game to decide who took the point to their marker did not start well for DWG, and if not they ask their boys. Seeing how Gumayusi gets Samira 8/0 in the first 20 minutes is usually synonymous with victory for the boys of T1. But the best possible series in Korea couldn’t end like this. It was Ghost and ShowMaker who, through hunts and small skirmishes, put their team ahead. Finally the baron attached to the power of the elder dragon gave them their first point of the year.

Post-match revelation Week 1 LCK: DRX

Although this year it will be difficult for the DRX guys to repeat the success they achieved during 2020, from here we give you a little joy. After the difficult start they had this first week (Afreeca Freecs and Hanwha Life), they managed not only to start a victory against the first, but they were on the verge of taking the second. They still have a lot to polish and learn as a team, but it is clear that the Pyosik-SOLKA-BAO trio He has the level to scratch important points for the playoffs.

They will have two weeks of relative tranquility Against rivals of a level very similar to theirs, which will give them the opportunity to get to the hard part of the season with a much bigger shoot. NS RedForcand, SANDBOX, KT and Fredit BRION they await their rival.

Post-match disappointment Week 1 LCK: Liiv SANDBOX

Following the pace carried throughout the year 2020, the SANDBOX assembly does not lift its headto. From being almost a World Cup team to taking the last places in the ranking, with players a priori more than decent to fight for higher heights. Summit does not work, Croco does not quite adapt to the team’s game, Effort maintains his style of T1 …

With the first week of play already over, the club loses the opportunity to start with a positive point in a not very hard week due to the level of its rivals. NS and KT can’t be compared to what’s next. Hold on to your seats because after the second week comes the chain of terror: T1, Gen.G, DWG and HLE. Almost nothing. The guys at Summit and co must find the key before it’s too late.

Surprise of the day: NS RedForce

Although his particular score does not show us his good work at the start of the season (1-1), we expect a lot from this team. Upon his arrival at the KeSPA Cup final with a totally new team, we must add a start to the year that gives us good feelings. It is true that they went to the third map to close against LSB, and that they have a defeat, but this is not a negative at all. Knowing how to close the series at key moments gives them value as a team, and the loss came to DAMWON, so it’s understandable.

If the Peanut-Deokdam-Kellin trio keep working and growing, they could get to fight for the playoff spots without any problem. For it, they will have two weeks with a much looser calendar in which to continue showing and perfecting that aggressive facet that characterizes them in this beginning of LCK.

MVP of the day: Gwak Bo-seong “Bdd”.

In this section we could have placed Ruler, but honestly we will tire of seeing him here throughout the year. Rascal was another option for his good start to the season. However, this time the correct decision has been Bdd. The Korean player is leaving a very good taste in his mouth, and without his very characteristic choices of Azir or Zoe.

When the equipment is plugged in, it shows its good performance in Summoner’s Rift: highest kda (15.33) of the entire competition being the third of his team in terms of obtaining resources. S1 and Hanwha Life are their first trials by fire.

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