Landon Tice, the new ‘durrrr’

By Ucatchers

American poker has found the first big star of this decade who is about to begin.

Tice with his friend and mentor, Joey Ingram

Tice with his friend and mentor, Joey Ingram

The first glimpse many people will remember taking at first aspiring poker superstar of the next decade It will be that of a loudmouth and an accomplice dancer in the crazy broadcasts that Joey Ingram is doing of the duel between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu.

That young man, who seems to be no more than 20 years old but has already turned them, and 21 too, is not what one would expect from the great hope of American poker. Surfer greñas, openwork cap, sweatshirt as a gala outfit for important occasions … Or yes, because Landon Tice is the product of a new era, and as such it responds to a new paradigm, a different way of achieving excellence.

We have reached the third paragraph without ar the obvious comparison to Tom Dwan, launched on the air by Ingram, which is the prototype of the player that has been the most successful among the public in the last ten years. Dwan started out by playing micro limits and expanding his knowledge on the forums; he made a name for himself by ascending to Full Tilt Poker’s nosebleeds and became an icon when the establishment opened the doors to big productions for television.

A parallel line can be drawn to show Tice’s transition from micro-limiting to media sensation, but showing the paths open today to those players who want to reach the top of the food pyramid of our world.

Starting at the bottom

Tice shares Dwan’s modest beginnings. He took his first steps in NL4, back in 2018. In 16 months, he was already playing the highest tables his favorite casino in Tampa, Florida offered, 2/5 and the occasional 10/10 table. Because Landon, who spends more hours on online poker than anyone else, forces himself to socialize and get some fresh air on the weekends. Where? To the casino, to play more poker.

In Tampa he has some friends, one of them a former coach. With your help, he is ready to start the year 2020 by replicating in the virtual rooms the levels that are already playing live, NL500. It has been long months in which the days didn’t have enough hours to accommodate the endless cash sessions and thousands of simulations that the solver ran on Landon’s computer.

The obsession with the structure of the game is the first and most obvious characteristic shared by Dwan and Tice.

This is the way

I steal the phrase from Mandalor’s creed to describe Landon’s stint at an online poker school, Poker Detox. It was three months, from March to May, in which Landon learned more than polishing his study method – he was already an absolute devotee of solvers and other analysis tools -: “I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted to do. to do in poker ”.

He discovered that what he wanted, in addition to succeeding in the high stakes, was to be an ambassador for the game. Social networks had to play a fundamental role in its growth. Anyway, he loved to chat about strategy with his rivals in the casino, or to cross tweets with his rivals online, although his friends told him that talking about strategy and showing everything that his daily work gave him would close his access to some very profitable games.

Dwan did the same in the vehicle that his time offered him, the 2 + 2 forums.


The confinement and success of the likes of Jason Sommerville or Lex Vedhuis has encouraged a great many people to try live streaming. His contacts on Twitter gave him access to a poker luminary who agreed to stop by his channel and chat about poker with him. Dan Zack, WSOP champion and Live at the Bike reg, for example.

His broadcasts caught the attention of Andrew Lichtenberger, who offered to chat about strategy and ended up joining him on some streams.

You no longer need the “High Stakes Poker” set to get noticed.


“Luckychewy” got Tice interested in MTTs. It helped that Nick Schulman wanted to join his small study group. Between simulations, talks about short table spots and other disquisitions, Tice was convinced to play a WSOP tournament online.

It was July, he had a month to prepare, but he preferred to travel to Las Vegas, to play NL500 live. The plan was to stay two weeks in Nevada, but Tice ended up involved with the group Solve for Why, Matt Berkey’s stable, which left him a place to stay in the city and play his first online festival.

The first online tournaments were busts, as is normal. Some expensive tournament, but also $ 5 or $ 10, which opened to get used to the format. He had some extra freeroll credit left to spend at the WSOP online, so he signed up for a $ 1k turbo tournament. He finished 6th, with a $ 28,600 prize. A couple of days later he played his first Sunday of tournaments, and took out another $ 19k. That encouraged him to keep connecting the following week, and the $ 500 6-Max was tapped, earning him a $ 28,000 prize.

High Stakes

The income from the MTTs and the contacts he made in the city allowed Landon to achieve his big dream. They reserved a seat for him in the $ 20 / $ 40 / $ 80 game at the Bellagio.

The results were not good, he lost $ 80,000, but the success in the tournaments and what he learned in Las Vegas gave him the necessary encouragement to re-bury his nose in the laptop and climb levels online. It took him a month and a half to get in position to take his first shot at NL5000 and NL10000, the highest tables on

Doug polk

Another great boost to Tice’s media career was that Polk chose him to play a heads-up broadcast live.

Doug was beginning to prepare for his return to poker, which as everyone knows has ended in a challenge with his arch nemesis, Daniel Negreanu. In late summer, Polk announced his return to online poker after a four-year absence. He alternated a huge variety of levels and opponents, and Tice was able to take on the grinder without risking too much bank, in NL400

For Tice it was a brutal media push, especially because he managed to win the only session that faced them, even for a box and pipes.

The landing in the press

His friendships in high places, his achievements in online cash and his magnetism on camera have made Tice one of the most sought after guests on poker podcasts. It also helps that he doesn’t seem to have a no for anyone.

Joey Ingram, Jaime Kerstetter, Remko Rinkema, … all the poker gurus who have entertained us during these crazy months of pandemic have had the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant company of Landon.

His first big win live

The Venetian was the first Strip casino to host tournaments after the Strip reopened. The Deepstack Showdown takes place in September, and the following month one of the local circuits that has become a classic on the American circuit resumes, the Main Event of the Mid Stakes Poker Tour.

Tice entered the Main Event with 1,200 other applicants. He won it, and the picture was taken with a check for more than $ 200,000.

It was just the result and the photo that he needed to reach the rank of future promise of American poker. In his first live tournament.

“Now we are in December. I have grown astronomically in social networks, thanks to, it could not be another, Joey Ingram. I can’t thank him enough that he was there for me when I was playing NL20 two years ago.

I have to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity to make this happen. I spent countless hours in my room, playing more than 200 hours a month for a long time, not counting the study time and the hours that I kept spinning poker in my head.

I couldn’t be more grateful to Nick, Chewy, Berkey, Joey and so many others who supported me unconditionally. Poker has given me more than I ever expected, and I want to reciprocate by seeing how I fit in to help poker grow. ”

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