Lando Norris brings home a Minecraft charity tournament

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From a Formula 1 single-seater to the Minecraft cubes the step is short, indeed very short. He knows something about it Lando Norris, pilot of the McLaren, that while waiting for the start of the season still has a few hours to devote to video games. The British driver took part in a Rivals of Twitch for charitable purposes.

Many successful streamers involved in this initiative, with four teams made up of as many people. Norris played alongside Theofficialfng, DrLupo and CaptainSparklez. Among the challengers were some of Twitch’s most famous names such as xChocoBars, Aarav Amin, Max Fewtrell, Steve Brown and Albon. The roster led by Lando Norris, who donated the beauty of $ 25,000 to Mind, an association that offers support to people with mental health problems, took home the prize money. A commendable cause, with the driver who managed to bring the attention of the Formula 1 public to a very important issue. At the same time, offering concrete help to those on the front line.

“Twitch Rivals – the words of Steven Fisler, Twitch’s Head of Esports & Content Production – combines the best of competitive gaming. We bring the best streamers and fan favorite games to the small screen, as well as offer entertainment on a global scale. Working with Lando for these initiatives makes us proud. We managed to put on a crossover event of Minecraft, involving streamers and sports personalities “.

The teams competed in three mini-games created especially for the event. It is not the first time, meanwhile, that Twitch has organized a Rivals for Minecraft. The title developed by Mojang has never had an official esports wing, but its extreme flexibility makes it compatible with competitions. Over the years, in fact, hardcore gamers have spawned private servers crammed with competitive modes. Despite a rather clear closure by the parent company, the community has always tried to keep the competition high, especially in official events such as the MineCon.

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