Laka and Malaka spark the EPT Online $ 25K, but they can’t beat Parssinen

By Ucatchers

Laka was the talk of the final table with his heterodoxy, until he was thrown 4th, and Juan served as an impromptu commentator once he was eliminated in seventh position.

Parssinen is on the best streak of his life (PS)

Parssinen is on the best streak of his life (PS)

The final table of EPT Online $ 25K from had two Spaniards, Juan Pardo and David Laka, who were also in charge of revolutionizing the game.

The two started short of chips and in a dangerous position, but each grabbed onto the table in his own way. Juan, aggressive, stole to the rhythm of the blinds; Laka, brimming with creativity, managed to dislodge his rivals and have his victims put him all-in when they gave him the premiums.

In the direct confrontation, David’s tactic proved the most successful. It was a limp call with sast of the Basque against the 10bb of Malaka, who put cks8 in the range of re-theft.

Jamie Nixon and Artur Martirosian had already fallen off the car, so the Andalusian finished seventh, with a prize of $ 95,310.

The FT’s most talked about hand was that of the elimination of Joao Vieira. Team Winamax opened a hand with Ben Rolle on BB, who defended him c2c3. The German caught trips of threes on the flop and tried to let Vieira self-impose the flop price, but the street died on check. Rolle had to start getting value on the turn and to set up a proper SPR for the river he overbetted slightly. Vieira paid with sasq, color project and high letter. The river was a c5 and Rolle shoved all-in. Vieira, who saw enough bluffs in the “bencb789” range, blew himself up with the “hero call”.

Laka still had no open push range, and doubled again with a limp call against the Romanian. Andrei Boghean, that he was very short of chips. “ragAAAila19” entered an ultra-aggressive loop, and although he saved what seemed like a match-ball by miraculously tripling on the river with a dominated hand, he was eventually eliminated in fifth place.

The table to four was a fight between Laka and the rest of the table to figure out how to get the Spaniard out of his comfortable and indecipherable strategy. Juan joined the Pokerstars Spain broadcast to help us understand a little better the mess of mid-stack openings, heroic folds and ROLs that David was causing with his strange maneuvers. There was some mind-blowing limp-fold from the Spanish player himself, like one with givesd9 and 9bb effective, but somehow David managed to force suspicious movements that unmasked the strength of his rivals’ hand. Rudolph carried KK, which he tried to hide with an unusual ROL at just 4bb.

In the end, David had to play the tournament for the fifth or sixth time in the FT, and some had to go wrong. It was Rolle who hit the bad beat. Fourth place and $ 222,286 for David, who went through the Twitch chat to ensure that “it could not be won, but I am the one who had the best time of the whole table.” Laka was looking for his second title and signed his third deep run at the festival, when in reality I was not even planning to play EPT Online.

I started playing MTTs this Sunday because at Party I had to spend a $ 1k ticket. In passing I linked it with the 5k, and then the 10k, and … here we are running: D

– David Laka (@monkeybausss) November 13, 2020

The Germans, “WATnlos” and “bencb789” did more harm than good despite having an advantage against Eelis Parssinen, a PLO high stakes reg.

Parssinen is a bit like David. Although he won the general of the Poker Masters Online PLO Series at partypoker, the MTTS are not his office, least of all the NLHE ones, but this week everything comes out. He has stepped on a HU in the GGPoker Super Million $ and was also in the FT that Laka won at the weekend. Definitely, the ITMs fall from his hands.

Confidence is what you have, and Finnish had the luxury of rejecting Rudolph’s offer of a pact when the fratricidal struggle between Germans produced a rival for the HU. He did well because he dispatched the German grinder without apparent suffering, as soon as the proper setup was given with top pair for “WATnlos” and overpair in the hands of the champion.

Too $ 10K was played that Sam Greenwood won, the most discreet entry of the entire festival (41 players) and began a PKO tournament of $ 1,050 entry in which 44 players continue and there are no more Spaniards (733 registrations).

On Saturday there is a 10K $ Turbo and the EPT Online Cup begins, the cheapest of all the EPT Online events ($ 215). The Main Event begins on Sunday, with a buy-in of $ 5,300 and $ 5M guaranteed.

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