La Roja takes a relaxing day at the .com festivals

By Ucatchers

The opportunities harvested on Tuesday have not borne fruit, and it is time to prepare for a wild weekend.

Festivals give us a break

Festivals give us a break

For the first time since the beginning of Pokerstars SCOOP and GGpoker Spring Festival We have not seen the need to separate the chronicles of the day in both festivals to give the exposure that the different results of the Spanish players established beyond our borders deserved. Neither him Partypoker Powerfest, recently added to the menu, has forced us to do so.

We are going to start with the Spring Festival to score the only five-figure prize of the day, obtained by Adrian Mateos in the Side Event: $ 525 Bounty Hunters HR [GGSF Edition]. It is a tournament with a much larger field than those Adrián usually plays at GGpoker, 745 players, but that was what allowed the Madrilenian’s reward to grow until it was the biggest of the day.

After dropping the biggest names in the FT, Jans Arends and Claas Sagebrecht, the Russian players blocked Adrian’s heads-up way. The prize for the third place plus the bounty represented an income of $ 17,794.

The rest of Spaniards who went through the tournaments with the biggest bag in the room yesterday pecked here and there.

  • Gunman99“, 4th in the Bounty Hunters Special $ 105 (574 players, $ 3,115).
  • MyLastHand!“, 9th in the GGSF H-55 Bounty $ 525 (669 players, $ 5,590).
  • Adriá Calonge, 7th on the Bounty King $ 315 (508 players, $ 5,221).
  • In the Forty Stack 400 $, we had 3 finalists: “cesario77“(5th, $ 3,111), Juan Pardo (6th, $ 2,369) and Adriá Calonge (7th, $ 1,804).

In SCOOP, it was also Adrian who had the best expectations, with a provisional spot of finalist with only 22 players remaining in SCOOP 41-H Deepstacks $ 1,050. However, neither Amadi nor his two companions in fatigue, Vicent Boscá and Juan Pardo, found their place in the final.

For those who turned out to be an unforgettable day, it was for our Portuguese neighbors, with victories for Joao Oliveira and Joao Vieira in the two biggest levels of the SCOOP-43 Super Tuesday.

The best Spaniard of the day was Pedro Ivars, 15th on Super Tuesday. But the high point was in the SCOOP 50-H $ 1,050, in which there is a Hispanic duel for the lead in prizes. So straight to the scoreboard:

Finished (> $ 500k. Top 50):

  • SCOOP # 41-H Deepstacks $ 1,050: “pucho2100“(Argentina, $ 54,837) Field: 288 records. Best Spanish:”Amadi_017“(12th, $ 4,682).
  • SCOOP # 43-L Mini Super Tuesday $ 215: “GZingano“(Brazil, $ 101,418) Field: 3,533 records.
  • SCOOP # 43-M Super Tuesday $ 2,100: Joao oliveira Xungazz“(Portugal, $ 145,456) Field: 402 records. Best Spanish:”NutsInMacadá“(15th, $ 9,719).
  • SCOOP # 43-H 8-Max Super High Roller $ 25,000: Joao Vieira “Naza114” (Portugal, $ 101,418) Field: 71 records. Better Spanish: “Malaka $ tyle“(44th, OTM).
  • SCOOP # 45-H 6-Max $ 1,050: Chris moormanMoorman1“(UK, $ 78,539). Field: 440 records. Best Spanish:”Amadi_017“(35th, $ 2,312).

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 48-M 8-Max Midweek Freeze $ 530 (22 players out of 288): “tua133“(28th).
  • SCOOP # 50-M PKO $ 109 (294 players out of 5,479): “Toneecho ??“(201º).
  • SCOOP # 50-H PKO $ 1,050 (43 players out of 477): “NutsInMacadá“(1st),”Amadi_017 “(2nd),

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