Koldo after his move to G2 Arctic: “Having Melzhet is gold”

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FullEsports - Koldo is delighted with his move to G2 Arctic:

G2 Arctic this coming year will feature one of the best jungles nationwide, a Koldo who has seen great growth in MAD Lions. Koldo has come out of the den to go directly into the wolf’s den.

The wolves have been a team that has broken into the national League of Legends scene very hard and that after obtaining great results last season wants to aim even higher. Koldo could be that missing piece in the G2 Artic puzzle to level up substantially. A G2 Arctic that at the controls of Melzhet has managed to win the big favorites but the final has resisted them. Koldo is a player with a lot of projection who, well guided, could be the next Elyoya case.

About the signing of Koldo, the status of G2 Arctic, the aspirations and his new teammates, we have talked with the Murcian jungler who has gone through the microphones of FullEsports.

Koldo let’s start by talking about your change of scenery How was the signing? How do you feel after joining G2 Arctic?

MAD Lions made the decision for me not to continue and, just two days later, they told me that G2 Arctic had asked for me. I had in mind that if Markoon left G2 Arctic after the Iberian Cup and it is a team in which I was very excited to compete for the staff, the players … Do not hesitate when they contacted. They were also very interested, it was mutual.

You were already predisposed to go to G2 Arctic, as you say, largely because of the players and the coaching staff. Let’s talk a little about them. What do you think of your new companions?

I was very surprised by the projection of the team in 2020. When the team started, if it reached the playoffs it was a miracle. They have all developed a lot. Speaking of those who have stayed:

Oscar I see him as one of the best toplaners, he has LEC potential. I’ve seen Fresskowy even because he was only in the Iberian Cup this summer. I didn’t expect much from him, he sounded like a soloQ to me and I thought he was going to be stamped. But he has surprised me a lot, he has also been a very requested player. He made very good starts with outstanding KDA and took a few MVPs. Supa has grown a lot. He has his personality, he remembers a lot, for example, when he took the badge off Atila y. Above all, I identify with their competitiveness. I don’t know Efias very well but he has experience competing and that is a guarantee.

You have also been attracted to G2 Arctic by the team’s staff, specifically Koldo, what do you think of Melzhet?

With Melzhet I had the opportunity to coach me for a few days before joining MAD Lions and, my `first impression was that he knows a lot about the game and how to transmit it. From what I have been told, the recognition it has is totally deserved. He has trained a team that, in principle, did not aspire to anything and he took it to national finals and to play in the European Masters. He is a coach worth gold.

Let’s also talk about you Why does Koldo fit into G2 Arctic?

I think we have players with the ability to carry the weight of the game on all lines. Fress can also play that role although in this Iberian Cup he has been seen playing a more supportive profile with that Galio for example. This last year I have been playing many champions carrys who can fit very well with that style of Fress. Oscar can play with or without resources and if you give them to Supa, he can carry the game to you. I think the medium-jungle duo that we have is going to be very strong.

How do you see G2 Arctic heading into next season?

I am very motivated and very optimistic. I think we have a project to be first in the league. But, above all, there is work. I want to feel comfortable in the team and create a good atmosphere which is usually the key. I believe that if we achieve that, the objectives would be achievable.

Without going into depth, how do you see the level of Superliga Orange with what you know so far for next season?

There is a lot of new name that it is not known how it will perform and it can surprise. I would say that, in principle, it goes down but you have to be careful.

Would you say that you are the best jungler in the competition?

I don’t like saying anything without showing it because we haven’t started yet. Also, I still don’t really know all the jungles that will be there next year. Some of them look very good but we would have to wait although I would say that I am in the top three. I also believe that I will have a very positive growth with the group and others.

I don’t know if you’ve been playing League of Legends a lot this preseason. How do you see the current metagame?

At least in the jungle that Gaves-Lillia that was seen at the end of the 2020 season is still maintained. Although there are also more picks. Now there are more variants. There is more variety in tanks. Now there is not so much difference in the cleaning of camps between a tank character and another that is not. Characters like Kayn are doing great, at least in soloQ. I haven’t played competitive yet and I can’t tell you how the meta is going to stabilize but from what I’m seeing, I think there will be a lot more options.

How about WildRift, the latest from Riot Games?

I find it very frantic. I’ve played a couple of games with Lee Sin for trying it. It looks very fast, you can play a game while waiting for anything. It is more simplified. For those who start without previously knowing the League of Legends, it is very good. First game with Lee Sin I already did a couple of easy insects and on the PC it took me a little longer to learn how to do it.

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