Keys to bet live on League of Legends

By Ucatchers

In this article, we are going to give a series of interesting keys to bet live on a League of Legends match. In the betting world, bettors are often divided into two groups. Normally the more natural bettor feel more comfortable in pre-match markets. The bettor more experienced, look for the live markets, which are more profitable in the medium term.

We will review certain concepts and focus on the pure market of ‘Meeting Winner’. Therefore, we are going to talk about equipment difference at the start of the match, types of teams and their way of playing and other variables that we must take into account when looking for a fruitful bet in a live market.

Dragons and how to interpret them.

This is a key of considerable value in live markets. Most bookies give teams a win percentage once they get dragons. This condition is important to know how to play in our favor. The first two dragons in the game form a quite irrelevant role in some situations.

For this reason, if the favorite team, under equal conditions, loses the first two dragons of the match, it will give us a much more beneficial odds without actually losing victory condition.

Elemental dragon icons available in League of Legends.Elemental dragon icons available in League of Legends.Elemental Dragons. Dragon of Fire, Mountain, Ocean and Cloud.

Another example is when a ranked game gives a third dragon of an item that is very potential for your victory condition. Typical examples are teams with compositions of ocean dragon healing or teams based on physical damage against mountain dragons. We must value all these factors and they can give us access to very interesting fees.

Escalation and Teamfights.

Another very important point to look for a share of value in live markets is the scaling of the teams and the way of carrying out the team fights of both teams. Many teams are characterized by not having the best lane phase, but they fight perfectly as a team and other teams, otherwise, their lane phase is perfect but as a team they lose potential.

With these data in our favor, we must understand that teams with great capacity for Teamfights even if they lose the early game if they have a respectable escalation they should always be taken into account. Sometimes we find favorite starting teams at ridiculous odds that after a bad start to the game they multiply their odds by two or three times their value without actually losing too much win condition.

In the opposite case, teams that do not fight too well as a team but that get a lot of advantage in the early game. In this case you have to assess scaling within the game. Even if don’t be favorites, if they had a great first phase of the game and their team still equal or better scale to the contrary, it is very possible that they will end up taking the victory through the snowball.

Skill of the team members.

Last point, but not least. Sometimes the mechanical ability of the members of a team is decisive and a factor of confidence in a match that may seem lost. For this reason, it is important that although there are big differences within the game, if the teams are mechanically very unbalanced, a genius can happen that turns the game around and give us very juicy odds.

The best example is the departure of SKT T1 vs EDG of the World Cup 2017, which in the minute 39 starting was paid at a fee over 20 the victory of SKT T1. Sometimes the confidence and mechanical prowess of a team can do the impossible.

We hope that through these keys to bet live on League of Legends you will get great benefits!

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