Karmine Corp, UCAM executioner, EUM champion

By Ucatchers

Karmine Corp He started as a favorite to rise as champion of this spring edition of the European Masters, EUM, and they did their job. The French went back to the Excel academy and claimed their first European title by three maps to one.

Karmine Corp’s path to being EUM champion

The Gauls put an end to all the hope of the Spanish community by defeating UCAM in a best of three heart attack. The Super League champions gave the maximum on the three maps, and were about to surprise, but a hunt in the Nashor area for Urgot and a subsequent triple from Saken, left the duel seen for sentence.

UCAM performed better than expected and it made clear two of the topics that have been told for a long time. The one to play like never before and lose like always, and the not valuing the quality and talent that we have in our league. UCAM was very close to winning the final, and who knows, if it was to take the title.

When it comes to the best of five, Excel played at a very good level against KCorp, but when push came to shove they lacked precision and winning the group fights. The English put the first map in their favor and faced the second, with Nashor and Elder, but from there the final was complicated.

KCorp remained calm in the important moments and knew how to manage their advantages and not be mentally daunted in their worst moments. The most important, they won the fights that a priori were 50-50 and there resided one of the great advantages of this final of the European Masters.

A fanbase delivered

EUM audiences in France responded considerably. The KCorp project has a lot of impact in the neighboring country and with it, they have caused new viewers to come to the Riot Games MOBA.

Throughout the semifinals we already saw a high influx of people watching UCAM against Karmine Corp, and in the final the trend was maintained. Its peak reached 345 thousand spectators, 300 thousand from the stream in French.

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