Kaju’s seventh place in the SCOOP Main Event, won by Hungarian kZhh

By Ucatchers

The first flip of the game came to the rescue of Ka Kwan Lau, but the capital was invested in a bluff that did not go through. The final got out of control and ended in a pact.

Kaju had a difficult double.  WPT

Kaju had a difficult double. WPT

The saying was fulfilled, and the sequel to the celebrated comeback of Ka kwan lau in the PLO Man Event, the second part of his striking presence at the final table of the two main events of the SCOOP, it was less good.

Any result that “kaju85” had obtained in the game was going to be meritorious, after winning the millionaire tournament the day before, but who would be so mean to take away the illusion of achieving the unlikely double against the Cantabrian?

At first, the SCOOP 92-H Main Event $ 10,300 it was just as complicated as PLO’s. It was necessary to overcome many positions.

The way to enter the table and secure the prize jump that the seventh starting position promised us could not be more promising. “kaju85” offered the shortstack the possibility of accepting a flip on a re-steal and the community members declared him the winner of the battle to avoid the last square.

The secondary effect of this pot was that the Spaniard was placed in fifth position, with a stack comparable to that of the fourth classified and with all the places on the podium within reach of a single pot, which did not need or even be a double.

Dan Borlan “Dannyz0r” He was successful in a setup AA against AK to put first and, incidentally, assign us an improvement in the awards. Revenge of the original chipleader, the Hungarian “kZhh“It was going to be terrible, and fatal for Lau.

“kZhh” stuck with JJ in an open hand by “kaju85” from early. The flop awarded the Hungarian a top set and, with all the peace of mind in the world, he set out to catch. The continuation arrived, of a third, but there was no raise. On the turn, with another call, the pot would have been too small; also another correlative letter that completed some stairs and opened projects encouraged “kZhh” to start looking for value, or at least to protect itself from the implicit inverses. Lau had a single fold as his primary option, unless he decided to bluff on the river.. The Hungarian opened the door giving himself a third check. Lau walked into the kitchen, just as his turn call predicted (7th, $ 174,344).

A modicum of patience, one hand, and “kaju85” would have also overtaken Christian Rudolph. What was left from there to the second break of the day was spent in an unsuccessful one for the leadership between “kHzz”, Borlan and the reborn David Yan “Miss Oracle“.

In the resumption, instead of clarifying this complicated situation, it worsened even more with the incorporation of “Beowulf3182” to the buzz.

The one missing for the party to be complete was Kayhan Roshanfekr “KayhanMok”, who received his invitation from David Yan. The absence of the New Zealand High Roller erased any trace of favoritism in the game and established extreme insecurity that resulted in a constant exchange of leaders and a pact as soon as the fourth fell, “Beowulf3182”.


  • SCOOP # 92-L Main Event 109 $: “Cantaloupe91” (Grace, $ 376,086). Field: 38,913 records.
  • SCOOP # 92-M Main Event $ 1,050: Mario Mosböck “Livinmydream1” (Austria, $ 838,908). Field: 5,903 records.
  • SCOOP # 98-M 8-Max Mini Super Tuesday $ 109: “xaerfos” (Hungary, $ 67,671). Field: 6,725 records.
  • SCOOP # 98-H 8-Max Super Tuesday $ 1,050: “Nes1989” (Russia, $ 151,739). Field: 923 records: Best Spanish: “manuverd0n“(22nd, $ 6,503).
  • SCOOP # 01-M Phase 2 $ 22: “felipe52” (Brazil, $ 100,029).
  • SCOOP # 01-H Phase 2 $ 215: “Virgilik” (Romania, $ 161,650 *).
  • SCOOP # 100-M Final Freze 530 $: “shermdog50” (Canada, $ 70,587). Field: 832 records.
  • SCOOP # 100-H Final Freze $ 5,200: “Jacob Schindler” (US, $ 181,516). Field: 183 records.

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 98-H 8-Max Super Tuesday $ 1,050 (78 players out of 923): “manuverd0n“(23º),”roikeloo “ (33º).

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