kaju85 busts her in the SCOOP Champion of the ME PLO and finalist in the ME NLHE!

By Ucatchers

Speaking of impossible, if Juanito achieves a second comeback, his feat will survive as one of the great milestones of world poker

Champion Kaju, it doesn't matter when you read it.  Pokerstars

Kaju champion, it doesn’t matter when you read it. Pokerstars

The Spring Championship of Online Poker 2021 he has been very, very generous with Spanish poker.

Until yesterday, the triplet of Adrián Mateos seemed to us the brightest moment of the festival, a difficult achievement to match and that was going to be remembered and used as a comparison of the great moments that await us in years to come. But it is possible that you have to force your imagination and place yourself in an even more unfathomable reality.

The first thing I should do is sing the mea culpa, for letting go between the lines Kaju’s nickname among the SCOOP 92-H Main Event survivors $ 10,300. Slides like this are what make your day, I confess.

Kaju’s presence in the tournament was revealed in the best way, by appearing at the end of the day as one of the nine finalists of the tournament, along with other well-known nicks such as David Yan’s “MissOracle”, Christian Rudolph ” WATnlos “or the Hungarian reg” kZhh “, the chipleader, who has been champion in other COOPs and in the Sunday Million.

With this, Ka Kwan Lau Confirmed High Level Final Tables of PLO and NLHE Main Events. Amazing, but attentive, because this is not the best.

Kaju appears penultimate in chips, with a $ 102,085 guaranteed prize pool. It is the same position in which he was scheduled to resume the SCOOP 93-H Main Event PLO final table $ 10,300 -6th of 7 players-. This final table has already been played, and “kaju85” has completed the first half of what may be a double championship that would go down in online poker history.

Before the first elimination was even confirmed and also before the second break of the game, “kaju85” was already chip leader of the tournament, and quite prominent. He did it so well that, much to the chagrin of his rivals, the Cantabrian was the one who reached the point of accumulating half the chips in play, after taking care of the elimination of pro-American Mark Radoja “AceSpades11” in sixth position.

Still, the final was not going to be a ride. Among Ja Kwan Lau’s rivals were two classics from PLO’s high stakes from the beginning of the decade, the Norwegian Andreas Torgbersen “Skjervoy” and the Danish “LamassuShedu”. One of them, the anonymous one, was going to become the greatest obstacle to the triumph of the Spaniard.

Kaju eliminated another player and the tournament was broken in two, Lau and “LamassuShedu” well over 10M points, and “Skjervoy” and Hungarian “TheBrodie5” fighting for the prize jump of third place. “TheBrodie5” won the battle for survival, but the most important thing was that both his chips and Torbergsen’s ended up in the same stack, our representative’s.

The Spanish agreed to sign an advantageous pact that later ended with victory. On the last hand, the Dane hit doubles and a double-headed straight draw and “kaju85” a set of sixes. The chips ended up inside after a succession of reraises. The six held out.

The terms of the agreement between the two finalists resulted in a $ 263,099 first prize, which can be complemented, and hopefully so, with another $ 1,130,395 in case of repeat success in the main event of NLHE.

The rest of the SCOOP day is summarized in this list of winners.


  • SCOOP # 93-L Main Event PLO 109 $: “DaCus3” (Germany, $ 59,989 *). Field: 4,391 records.
  • SCOOP # 93-M Main Event PLO $ 1,050: Joel Nordkvist “Odonkor1” (Sweden, $ 153,356). Field: 935 records.
  • SCOOP # 95-M PKO Series Saver $ 109: “JDigweed7” (Argentina, $ 60,995). Field: 10,876 records.
  • SCOOP # 95-H PKO Series Saver $ 1,050: “Rigapols81” (Latvia, $ 197,299). Field: 1,610 records: Best Spanish: “roikeloo“(39º. 7,503 $).

Spaniards on Day 2:

  • SCOOP # 98-H 8-Max Super Tuesday $ 1,050 (78 players out of 923): “manuverd0n“(23º),”roikeloo “ (33º).

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