Kaju overcomes an impossible HU to win the second Spanish spade of the EPT Online

By Ucatchers

Laszlo Bujtas won’t be able to forget for a long time how the $ 10,300 High Roller PLO title slipped away from him.

Ka Kwan Lau, Hispanic reference in PLO

Ka Kwan Lau, Hispanic reference in PLO

The EPT Online from Pokerstars.com, with eight tournaments completed or underway, it is already the success that was predicted.

You didn’t have to be a lynx to guess that the leading room and the most prestigious brand made up an infallible formula. The polarized supply between the Official EPT and Mini EPT.

The online poker elite have a very desirable goal ahead of them. The general public can play very attractive and as affordable tournaments or more than in other festivals, and there is no medium level that distracts funds or energies from either group.

All the parallels are covering their guarantees, the first $ 11 tournament has formalized 24,205 registrations … Everything is going according to plan. Everything except the domain of the Red. That did not enter even the most optimistic of scenarios.

The first two pikes that have found an owner have been for ours. David Laka won the only tournament that ended on the opening day and Ka kwan lau he has seconded him with another victory in the second stage.

At the final table of EPT Online 03 PLO HR $ 10,300The most difficult thing for Kaju seemed to recover after losing a river raise with aces and the maximum coor blocker against Laszlo Bujtas, who also called with the flush to the J.

Kaju was left with 33bb, in no-man’s-land, caught between the need to contact the leading group of Bujtas himself, the original FT chipleader Andreas Torbergsen and Rob Hollink, and at the same time tempted to wait and see what would happen. with shortstacks.

“omaha4rollz” decided for everyone and dedicated the next level to winning pot after pot. Juanito ran out of patience and forced a preflop all-in in a blind war with Torbergsen. Both mounted a pot of 51 blinds with an ace suited and a pair, better in all respects in the case of the Norwegian – he had a double suit and his JJs were much better than the 77 of the Spanish-. The unbeatable flop gave Lau a top pair and draw, who certified the double on the turn with the fifth club.

Shortly thereafter, Kaju and Hollink limped strong hands in a pot to five, and after hitting a set of kings on the flop, Spanish He was able to get the box out of the veteran Dutch player, who was wearing aces overpair and top flush draw.

Now there were two roosters in the pen. Eellis Parsinen and “d.apollo777” they signed their own comebacks at the expense of Torbergsen and Dante Goya, and the game was equalized around the table of four.

Bujtas took off again with a bluff to “d.apollo7”. The best bluffs are always made with outs, and the Hungarian was rewarded with the elimination of his opponent despite going far behind on the flop. Kaju had to work much harder to outrun Parssinen, but he managed to steer most of the chips the Finn was losing into his corner before he finished off and prepared to play a complicated HU with more than 80bb effective.

If not for the slight initial advantage of the Spanish, the HU would have lasted a hand. The first preflop of the match ended in 4bet, Bujtas continuation bet with draws and Kaju pushed him all-in with top pair. The Hungarian didn’t think twice about trusting his luck to a possible flush to the Q and a gutshot and hit the river with the more unlikely draw of the two.

The Pokernews reporter did not have time to document the entire series of doubles that made up for this misfortune. Juanito was the leader again in the blink of an eye. The kings were particularly effective on this stretch. Every time he had two starters in hand, Lau ended up doubled.

The hand that decided the game was not particularly beautiful. Bujtas used half a stack to call a preflop war and had to flop. The remaining 22 blinds gave him to call another 4bet. The hands were identical, a well matched ace and double suited, but the flop tipped the result towards the Spanish with a single pair.

The Spanish monopoly of EPT Online lasted five more hours, which took the rest of the day’s tournaments to finish. Now the record looks more heterogeneous, but for 48 hours the Red did not give rivals options.

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