Kaju already has place and time to play the final table of the WPT LA Poker Classic

By Ucatchers

The WPT has finally given up playing with live audiences and has prepared the Poker Go studios to host the tournaments postponed in December.

He World Poker Tour has bowed to the harsh reality of the global health crisis and seems to have given up on continuing to postpone the final tables of the WPT Gardens, the WPT LA Poker Classic and the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Tour, which it had the intention of organizing live and with public live at the HyperSports X pavilion in Las Vegas.

The Hispanic community has been expectant since Ka Kwan Lau to access the final table of the WPT LA Poker Classic at the end of February. Despite the fact that at that time we only separated a little more than a month from the final table, the severity of the pandemic became evident very quickly and in advance of the date for which the final table was scheduled.

The original program, a succession of three final tables on three consecutive days that it was to be played in the first days of April, soon became obsolete, as it was impossible to reconcile with the security measures required by the fight against COVID-19. However, the organization wanted to leave open the possibility of fulfilling the same program at a later date and conditioned the resumption of the tournaments to a future return to normality which was expected to be feasible in a few months.

The harsh reality is that we are not absolutely sure that we will play the games in the conditions in which the World Poker Tour dreamed of, with a pavilion full of fans and as a prelude to a great festival in Las Vegas with the WPT Wolrd Championships as the great Finally, it will be viable before declaring the season as finished, both for security and logistics. The return to live poker will be much more localized and less massive, and you have to turn the page.

The new plan to give the final tables of these prestigious tournaments the significance they deserve It was unveiled by one of the WPT Gardens finalists, Chance Kornuth, which has confirmed that the WPT has contacted him to notify him of the date and place for the resumption of his departure.

And just got the call that the Gardens @WPT Final table will be help at the @PokerGO studio Dec 3rd. Having a good day!

– Chance Kornuth (@ChancesCards) October 20, 2020

Kornuth has been cited for on December 3, in the television studio that has Poker Central in the Aria in Las Vegas.

The WPT Gardens was the first tournament chosen to group with the other final tables to be held consecutively in Las Vegas and the original date for its resumption was March 31. It would not make sense to find a solution for the first of the tournaments and leave the rest in limbo, so it is not at all strange to assume that the LA Poker Classic has a new agenda already assigned.

By this time, Kaju should already know when it is his turn to appear at the Poker Go studio, that if the order and rhythm of the game that had been originally devised is followed should not be delayed beyond December 5.

It is worth remembering that Kaju is fourth in chips among the six finalists, he has 185.3304 guaranteed, his stack has a current value in the game of $ 417,954 according to the ICM and will play for a first prize of $ 1,000,000.

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