Juan Pardo’s third place in the WPT Big Game $ 5,200 and triplet of B4NKR0LL3R in FTs of the Stadium Series

By Ucatchers

Sunday’s hangover was generous to our players, who had their minute of glory in the two-day tournaments that ended yesterday.

Gasoline for the High Rollers

Gasoline for the High Rollers

Third party day.

Third place for Juan Pardo at the WPT Big Game $ 5,200 and third final table in less than a week for Juanki Vecino at the Pokerstars Stadium Series.

The rooms give prestige to the most important tournaments on Sunday by turning them into two-day tournaments, to improve their structure. Hence, the Tuesday covers usually appear with good punctures in the headlines. Today this tradition has been fulfilled, and we are going to open our mouths with partypoker.

The WPT Online Championship festival is off to a non-dazzling start. They have chosen to start with a week dedicated almost entirely to Omaha in different formats and players have disagreed with some of the structure and buyback decisions at the box office, generating widespread overlays.

NLHE specialists have found relief in the High Rollers and parallels like the Opener or the 7-Max Weekender. The tournaments of this format most present in the lobby in this first week have been the qualifiers of the WPT Big Game, a tournament that will be repeated every Sunday of the festival. Its most expensive version is $ 5,200, and the first final table had Juan Pardo as chip leader.

Juan had as his greatest rival Nick Yunis, second of the provisional. The Chilean player was able to hunt down Malaka, although he did not get to enjoy the first full prize by agreeing to the signing of a pact with British Stuart Guite.

Prize sharing was based on the guaranteed $ 1M that was not covered for eight registrations (192 finals). Juan got $ 113,900.

The bag Stadium Series Heat 23-M it was more modest. Much cheaper tournament, $ 530, but also much more numerous, 1,503 players, scraped to add $ 1,500 to the $ 750K guarantee that had to start.

Juanki Vecino, who had just finished fifth in the Heat 18-H and an eighth in the 22-H, suffered an early elimination at the final table again, which does not detract from the feat of consistently breaking such fields and machacona that the malacitano is showing.

At least, he avoided the only place in the final that didn’t have a prize of more than $ 10,000. Eighth again, with a reward of $ 10,736.

We will be attentive to see if “wisopekeño!” is able to improve Juanki’s ranking in the Heat 23-M $ 530, who disputes his day 2 this afternoon-night. The Spanish is 2nd of 47 players and has insured almost $ 3,500 between prizes and bountys, since it is a PKO tournament.

As a corollary, we can echo the victory of “No Te Enamores” in the Hot 162 $ from yesterday’s after-dinner. It took him a long couple of hours to dominate a 76-record field that capped his prize at $ 3,169.

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