Juan Pardo wins GGPoker’s High Rollers Blade Prime the day that Artur Martirosian played touched by the gods

By Ucatchers

The man from Malaga collected $ 67k beating a player who was blessed yesterday. Martirosian won 2 tournaments and played several final tables. Our Adrián Mateos also got interesting punctures.

No more adjectives for Juan [Foto: Winamax]

No more adjectives for Juan [Foto: Winamax]

Juan Pardo won yesterday he High Rollers Blade Prime $ 5,250 from GGPoker. The man from Malaga won a prize of $ 67,431.30, after defeating the Russian in the one on one final Artur martirosian ($ 41,443.24). Adrian Mateos made it to the FT, but finished 6th, out of the awards. The tournament had a field of 30 entries and a prize pool of $ 150,000, which was distributed among the top 4 finishers.

The same two Spanish protagonists shone in the Side Event: Bounty Grand Master HR $ 3,150 of the Battle of Malta. Artur martirosian retaliated for his previous second place by winning the tournament and taking home a prize of $ 49,432.78, after defeating the Swede Niklas Astedt. Juan Pardo was 5th ($ 21,316.19) and Adrian Mateos, 7th ($ 6,562.50). The tournament had a 38-inning field and a $ 114,000 pot.

Martirosian won another tournament last night the High Rollers Blade Mulligan $ 5,250 ($ 55,064.60 *), after agreeing with his compatriot Viacheslav Buldygin ($ 44,935.40 *).

Adrian Mateos got his best prick in the final stretch of the session. It was 3rd ($ 24,621.97) at High Rollers Blade Closer $ 5,250, which was won by Greek Alex Kolonias ($ 65,183.59). Guess who was 4th? You are right, Artur martirosian, who added another $ 15,132.64 to his account. What a night the Russian had yesterday.

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