Juan Pardo prevails in a close one-on-one with Adrián Mateos at GGPoker

By Ucatchers

Malaka and Amadi played an almost identical session in the Asian room. The Andalusian stood out with two victories and four FTs, two of which he shared with his good friend.

Two shared FTs, they won't be the last.  Winamax

Two shared FTs will not be the last. Winamax

Juan Pardo had a dominating night yesterday at the tournaments of GGPoker, with two wins of which another Spaniard was a close witness, Adrian Mateos.

On Sunday we found many nicks with which to cram the headline on Hispanic punctures in the .com, but yesterday the handle was carried by the classics, if this pair of twenty-somethings can be called that.

Juan made 14 registrations in 9 tournaments and a satellite for the High Roller MILLION $. For its part, Adrián only tried his luck in 5 events, four tournaments and the same satellite -although at a different time-. Encouraged by the rebuys, Mateos came close to Malaka’s record number, with 12.

The two Spaniards agreed in two final tables.

In that of High Rollers Deepstack $ 1,500, out of 74 players, Amadi was downed in 8th place ($ 4,660). For Juan it was fifth place ($ 9,328)

Later, in the last tournament of the day for Adri, they would meet again in another FT. In the field of 33 records of the High Rollers Deepstack Bounty Turbo $ 1,050, Adrián occupied fourth place this time ($ 3,906). Juan got his second win of the night here ($ 13,959), avenging his colleague against the Greek grinder Giorgios Zisimopoulos and the Finn Andreas Nasman “Duckzzz”.

Juan had the session amortized from almost the beginning, because his first victory had come in the first tournament open every day, the $ 840 High Roller Marathon.. The man from Malaga contributed two of the 57 records, and at the end of the event he passed the cap and raised $ 14,429.

He had time later to sign a 4th FT, Triple Chance $ 300. In this smaller buy-in tournament, Juan managed to get on the podium, but the prize was the most modest of the night, $ 3,873.

There is no doubt that in the heads up at GGPoker, Malaka clearly beat Amadi, but in the case of our GPI number 1 the session reserved its best moments for other rooms. Adrián has been FT in the partypoker Big Game, with a five-figure prize, a finalist in a couple of Pokerstars tournaments such as the Daily Cooldown and has also taken a triumphant round the field in the Winamax High Roller, so he has not been so bad the weekend for the Madrilenian.

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